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Hello all and happy Friday!  We wanted to have a little fun to sort of kick off this weekend with a poll and card collecting discussion.

With well over 10 million different cards on the market, there are more reasons to collect cards than could possibly be named.  Some of us collect whole sets of cards.  Some of us just one type of card.  Still others collect just one specific type of card!  Part of the joy is finding that special something that you enjoy hunting down and adding to your personal collection.

So, we at COMC were wondering; what style of collecting do you enjoy?  Please submit your answer on the poll below, and feel free to fill us in on the details in the Comments section.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “This Is For Keeps

  1. I am generally a player collector. I collect Jason Motte, Scott Machado, Hakeem Nicks and Tiki Barber. I also collect Topps Chrome. Each year, I will put together the baseball and football sets. I am currently working on putting together a 1952 Bowman Baseball PSA set. Trying for all to be graded 5 or better. I am sure this will take a few years to complete.

  2. I am generally a player collector, but I also collect some specific sets. I collect Jason Motte and Scott Machado, as both are from Iona College. I also collect Hakeem Nick and Tike Barber (not too much new Barber stuff, as he retired a few years ago, but I have over 90 auto and a game used jersey, amount other things). I also do the Topp Chrome set if baseball and football each year. I used to do Finest, with the rookie autos, but I stopped a few years ago when they went to the letter patch autos. I am currently working on a PSA set of 1952 Bowman Baseball ( graded 5 or better). This will take a few years. I will post some links later today.

  3. Exactly. Same thing happened to me.

    I have to reprice 75 items.

    Is it because the BV changed in the last few weeks?
    Is there any way to avoid this from happening again?
    Or is this something we have to expect to deal with in the future?

  4. I think it’s hard to only collect one of those categories. I collect all of them, including the “other” category. I have my hometown team (Twins), favorite players (Thome, Tyner), and I build sets. As for the “other”, I will collect something for awhile whenever I see something I like- I’ve had short stints collecting ’99 MVP Silver Sig, A&G Rip Cards, Manny Machado, and generally just whatever is pleasing to me at the time. I know lots of people stick to one specific thing, but I have no idea how they do it!

    On a side note, I had to reprice yesterday too. Not an issue for me as I only have a few cards listed on the site, but I can definitely see it being an issue for users with more cards.

  5. Hello Everyone,
    We noticed that several of you were asking about needing to reprice some of your cards since yesterday, and I wanted to take a moment and apologize. Yesterday, while syncing with Beckett, there was apparently a glitch that caused many users to lose pricing on their cards.

    Our Web Team worked very hard and managed to resolve this issue late last night, and your cards should have been restored to their original state. If this problem persists, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department on Monday.

    Lastly, it is worth noting that when Beckett updates their prices in the system, if your cards have their prices changed, you will receive an email indicating that your items have been adjusted and have been moved to “Items Needing Attention.” This is a safety feature designed to protect our sellers from having their cards sniped at a very low cost in the event of a major price change on their cards.

    We apologize for the confusion yesterday, and hope that you all have a wonderful conclusion to your weekends!

    Mark M.

  6. The survey only lets you pick one. I get that there are collectors who exclusively go after one thing but as noted above, some of us more or less collect all three options equally.

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