Clay in Paris: The French Open 2013

Bonjour, et mardi heureux chacun!  This week marks the beginning of the French Open and we at COMC are preparing to watch the clay churn.

Coming from humble beginnings in 1891, The French Open is one of four Grand Slam tournaments.  It is the only Grand Slam Tournament held on clay, and is generally considered to be the most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world.

As we prepare to watch these champion tennis players compete, and many of them proceed towards Wimbledon and The US Open,  we wanted to show a few highlights from years past, courtesy of our users!  Check out these memories captured in old Paris:

Quelle forme fine ces trois ont!

As we prepare to sip chilled wine and watch the clay dust settle, we would love to hear some of your tennis stories.  Have any of you ever been to the French Open?   How about any of the other Grand Slam tournaments?  Please leave your stories in the comment box below.  Oh, and before you say adieu, do make sure that you follow us on FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page.  Au revoir!

One thought on “Clay in Paris: The French Open 2013

  1. I did stats at the US Tennis Open from 1984-90. The memories of seeing the greatest players of that era while sitting on the court (for all counrts but the stadium) has always been one of my great memories. And hte tornado that hit during the 1985 Open was unforgettable as well.

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