Live Long and COMC

Deep in the vast treks of space known as Redmond, our crew has been diligently working to contain our excitement over the release of the Star Trek: Into Darkness film. While attending a charity auction for the Pancreatic Cancer Department of the University of Pittsburgh, our fearless leader spotted a truly special piece of tech. In true COMC fashion, Tim decided to show his Daj (Klingon for interest) by acquiring a 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Autographs Leonard Nimoy card. And here he is himself, the Captain of the Starship COMC:


Captains Log, Stardate -309604.56: Mr. Spock is skirting the prime directive by visiting COMC Headquarters.

It would be illogical to not have a close up of this card

This card is now up on the site and is for sale. Feel free to swing by the Captain’s chair and check out this card. As we shift into warp speed to head to the theaters, why don’t you tell us what you thought of the new movie? And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our new Google+ page.