Saluting an American Tradition – Customer Service Closed


Greetings from the COMC Team.  We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone a bit early that next week Monday is a very special day in the USA: Memorial Day.  As a national holiday, our doors will be closed on that day and as such:

Customer Service will be closed Monday, May 27th & will reopen Tuesday, May 28th at 8 a.m. PST.

Don’t worry though; we will be back in the full swing of things early Tuesday morning!  If you need to contact over the holiday, feel free to contact us via and one of our Customer Service Agents will get back to you as quickly as we can when we return.

We hope you all have a beautiful holiday if you’re in the states and feel free to celebrate even if you aren’t within the borders.  There will be barbecues,  parades, and services to attend on that day; so what are your holiday plans?  Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us how you will spend your day away from work!

The Dreaded “R-Word”

Hey everyone, Moe from COMC here. Over the past week or so, you may have noticed a slight change in our Blog – we’re working on changing our direction a little, trying to generate a little more discussion and dialogue within the community. And, I’m thinking (hoping) this post gets a lot of folks talking…I got one word for you:


Homealone scream_345x258 - from the movie Home Alone.

We’ve all gotten them in a pack of cards, at one point or another. You’re anticipating a big hit, expecting something really awesome and cool as promised on the wrapper and…boom. There it is. Like the blue screen of death (kids, ask your parents) there it is, staring you in the face. A nondescript card with a little bit of text detailing something that could be potentially awesome, with something that needs to be scratched off.

Granted, these days you can go to the card company’s website, get the redemption process started and hope that something comes back to you…in a year. Maybe. And, what are the chances that you’ll get that card they promised? What if that player bails on the company? Or the company decides to go with someone else? Or (as happened to me earlier this year) the player gets cut by the team after his 2nd arrest during training camp?

Sometimes you get lucky…in that you get what’s actually been promised. Sometimes, you just get whatever the card company had laying around as a replacement.

Feel free to share your best/worst redemption stories. Go ahead and name names, point fingers, vent, yell, then tell us what you think would make the redemption process a more positive one for you.