Viewing Cards Differently

COMC is pleased to announce that we have made a few adjustments to the way you can see cards on the site!  When looking at cards in our standard Details view, you may notice that the pictures are a bit larger than they used to be.  All the better for our users who love spending a few hours checking out all the new items!


The second change is to our List view.   Compared to the past, this view is now centered on the page rather than being stretched all across the page, the pictures are enlarged, and it is much more streamlined.  The crispness allows for very easy comparison of prices along the right hand side.


While not every change we make to the site is a big one, we hope these two adjustments will make your experience at even easier.

Why Use Different  Views:

  • Details: This is our standard view.  You can see a large picture of the card, what the name of the card is, and at what price it is listed.  This is the perfect view for the collector who wants to browse and shop through the images on the site.
  • List: While List is very similar to the Details view, it has one very distinct advantage: all of the cards have their details laid out horizontally.  This allows a collector to pick through cards with multiple parallels and variants with ease.  Along with that, when you are looking to fill out your sets, this view clearly organizes your search.
  • Thumb: If you just want to see the cards, this is the view for you.   If you know the player card you are looking for, it is really easy to go through these little photos and pick out exactly which card you need to finish your collection.
  • Text: A view for the hardcore set collectors. Just about every fact you could need is listed about the cards on the site, and comparison of price is a snap.  And without pictures, one can very quickly sort through numerous cards from a wide range of sports.

So tell us; Why do you use the different views on the site?  Leave us a comment below and let us know.  Keep following us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page for more exciting ways to check out collectibles on the site!

14 thoughts on “Viewing Cards Differently

  1. Are you any closer to fixing the issue with sorting by percent discounted? This seems to be sitting out there since before the love to

    • Hello Michael,
      I have forwarded along a request for more information on your behalf to our Web Development team. Without saying too much, I do know that there are a number of upcoming feature releases that have consumed a substantial amount of their time. Be on the lookout, as they will likely be a of major interest to our community as a whole.

      Mark M.

  2. It still doesn’t change the fact that it is not as easy to navigate or as pleasant of an experience as the old site.

    • Hello Lee,
      COMC is dedicated to making the experience as universally pleasant for our users as possible. While we won’t always be able to please everyone, we do want to try and make things easier for as many as we can.
      I would encourage you to send an email to us on our main site detailing what you find to be the most disagreeable aspects of the change from the old site to the new site. Once we have received this email, we can forward it along to our Web Development and Administration teams for consideration. We take the feedback of our users very seriously, and your voice will be heard.

      Mark M.

  3. It would be nice to be able to customize which fields are in the search, and to be able to change font sizes / colors to my preference.

    It would also be nice to be able to select all of the items on the screen and then open each listing in a new browser tab automatically.

    It would also be nice to be able to filter a sort by user defined ranges: the number of that item on the site, a range of years, a range of book values, a range of asking prices, a range of percent off guide.

    It would also be nice to be able to make a list of what is not there – cards that exist in the database but 0 are in stock.

    It would be nice to filter a sort to include just cards which are in a promotional sale.

    It would be nice to filter a seller sort by just those cards which are the lowest on the site.

    It would be nice to filter a sort by a range of conditions – excluding cards which are in poor or fair, for example.

    It would be nice if, when searching through a seller’s cards, you could see how many total of each card are in stock, and when you click on that seller’s listing, you see all of the cards in stock, not just the cards of that seller.

    It would be nice to be able to view sales by the order in which they were launched, rather than the order in which they will end. Someone might run a 7 day sale, and I’ll look at their cards. Then the next day, someone will launch a 6 day sale, and it will show next to the 7 day sale that I just looked at. Then the next day, that sale will be mixed in with a 5 day sale someone else launched.

    It would be nice to be able to sort a comic book search alphanumerically.

    It would be nice to be able to see how many successful transactions you’ve had with a given buyer or seller. Like if I’ve bought 2,000 cards from a particular person or sold 2,000 cards to that person, it would be nice to know when I make an offer on their stuff or they make an offer on mine.

    It would be nice to generate “want lists” for COMC, of cards which are worth submitting. For instance, if there are zero copies of the card in stock, or if the lowest price card which is in stock is at least ($1 / $2 / whatever).

    It would also be nice if COMC were to automatically generate its own “want lists” – cards which are not in stock, plus cards where there are less than 1 year’s worth of supply in stock.

    It would be nice if COMC were to develop software which we could use to organize our own collections – generate want lists, indicate which items are in our collection, and automatically populate with the items we have in stock at COMC, plus the current asking price of items in our want list at COMC, plus the number of other people who have that item on their want list. For an example of this, check out a site called “comiccollectorlive”. COMC could do something like that, but they could do it much, much better.

    RE: “Why do you use the different views on the site?”

    * If I’m looking through a particular seller’s stuff, I usually go to checkoutmycards, text view. This is because I can open up to 100 tabs at once using a browser plug-in, and when the results show, they will show everyone’s items, not just the items from that particular seller. If the seller is running a COMC promo sale, I might look at their cards on COMC, but it’s tedious to have to “search other seller’s cards”, especially when that seller has thousands of cards to look through. So, even if I’m looking at a promo on COMC, I might go to checkoutmycards to view the actual cards. Then click the COMC link if I find an item I want to buy in the promo.

    * If I’m looking through the entire site, I will usually use text view on COMC, because it shows the total number of cards in stock and shows any promotional sale prices which apply. But if I do see a deal from someone, I will often then search that seller’s other cards, usually on checkoutmycards.

    • Hi, Check Out My Deals. Thanks for the well-explained request list. There’s a lot of gems in there, and some of those items are actually already in the works here. We have a lot to roll out over the next two months and I think our users will be very pleased.
      We appreciate it!

  4. awesome point that’s what I am talking about great idea, would make it more convenient but also that stuff takes time. They’ve been listening to feedback and they’ve also had/have had more users join that ever before, you just took everything I was thinking and said it all at once, thank you very much for your point! they’ll listen it just wont happen overnight, but they do clearly listen to feedback since I have been a member they reply back right away when I email or call. I quit using to e u know what to buy or sell my cards this site is the best I love them! thanks !

  5. Since this has turned into a request blog, I have a few request.
    I would like to be able to add a cost to items that I have sent in so it shows up when I get offers or when a card sells.
    For the promotions I would like to be able to adjust more than 5 cards per page. I would also like to be able to filter what I have on sale based on my current asking price, meaning being able to exclude cards at a certain percent off price point.

    • Hello cardsrus1,
      Thanks for your reply. We are just a touch confused about the first request. When you say that you would like to be able to “add a cost to items,” what does this mean? As you do have full control over the price of items you have sent in, you should be able to adjust your prices according to your needs.

      As for your second request, I have taken the liberty of forwarding this alone to our Development team for consideration. We thank you for your continued interest in making the site a better experience for all of our users. Be on the lookout, as there are a number of upcoming features that we believe you will be quite pleased to hear we have launched.

      Mark M.

      • The way your system is now, any card I purchased through the site will show what I paid for each card. I would like to be able to add the same information on the cards that I have sent in. That would help when I get an offer or the card sells.

  6. I’d like to be able to block certain sellers.. That way when my staff is making offers, we know which ones always reject no matter who or what the offer is, raise prices before countering or simply never respond to offers. We try to make notes and have a blog we set up with those experiences but my guys can’t always remember or go back to that blog. So simply not seeing those cards would make things much easier for us.

    • Hello TripleAvintage Sportscards,

      I have submitted your request to our Development Team for consideration. Thank you for continued contribution to our site!

      Mark M.

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