Viewing Cards Differently

COMC is pleased to announce that we have made a few adjustments to the way you can see cards on the site!  When looking at cards in our standard Details view, you may notice that the pictures are a bit larger than they used to be.  All the better for our users who love spending a few hours checking out all the new items!


The second change is to our List view.   Compared to the past, this view is now centered on the page rather than being stretched all across the page, the pictures are enlarged, and it is much more streamlined.  The crispness allows for very easy comparison of prices along the right hand side.


While not every change we make to the site is a big one, we hope these two adjustments will make your experience at even easier.

Why Use Different  Views:

  • Details: This is our standard view.  You can see a large picture of the card, what the name of the card is, and at what price it is listed.  This is the perfect view for the collector who wants to browse and shop through the images on the site.
  • List: While List is very similar to the Details view, it has one very distinct advantage: all of the cards have their details laid out horizontally.  This allows a collector to pick through cards with multiple parallels and variants with ease.  Along with that, when you are looking to fill out your sets, this view clearly organizes your search.
  • Thumb: If you just want to see the cards, this is the view for you.   If you know the player card you are looking for, it is really easy to go through these little photos and pick out exactly which card you need to finish your collection.
  • Text: A view for the hardcore set collectors. Just about every fact you could need is listed about the cards on the site, and comparison of price is a snap.  And without pictures, one can very quickly sort through numerous cards from a wide range of sports.

So tell us; Why do you use the different views on the site?  Leave us a comment below and let us know.  Keep following us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page for more exciting ways to check out collectibles on the site!