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Recently, as many of you have noticed, COMC launched its new Grading Service.  That means it is a perfect time for a blog post to answer some of your questions and talk about some of the feedback we have received.   First, let’s see what it looks like!

When you click here in you Inventory manager you will see the option “Submit for Grading.”  That will bring up….


When you click on the Beckett Grading service…..


You will be asked to declare the value of the card so that we can properly insure it.  Once you click continue, the next thing you will see is…


…the option to select either our Monthly or Weekly Service.  You will not only be able to see when your cards will be shipped to Beckett, but you will also see when you can expect them back fresh, graded, and slabbed!

So what happens once you’re done?  Easy!  The card will be taken out of your account and prepared for shipment to Beckett.  During the time in which your card is in Beckett’s care, you will be able to see which cards you selected for grading by going to your Dashboard and clicking on “Grading Submissions” under the Buyer Menu.

Then, a few weeks later when your card has been returned to us, your graded card will be put through for One Day processing (this is part of the service and will not incur an additional fee), given a new ID number and new scan, and placed back into your account.

Pretty amazing if you have cards in your Inventory that demand a grade!  But what if you have these cards at home that are begging for the same treatment?  We are ready to serve that need as well.  When you go into the new Submission Wizard, you will see an option to submit cards for grading….


Though we don’t charge anything up front for processing for this service, the only thing you will be able to do with the item once we process it is submit it for one of the supported grading services.  Whenever you do you’ll be asked to pay the normal grading submission fee.  The rest works just as if it had been in your inventory all along.

We look forward to helping you get the most out of the cards you want graded.   Keep following us on the blog, FacebookTwitter, and our new Google+ page, and please tell us what you think of the new service, and how we can make it even better for you!

7 thoughts on “COMC: Making the Grade

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  2. I tried the grading system though COMC with 5 cards all coming back Mint. According to your posts you graders Know what BGS is looking for. Well so far what i can tell your not doing a very good Job. I sent in 4 cards to get graded 1 i got back last week was graded an 8.5 overall . Now if i’m right my next 2 were graded and are coming back 8.5 and 9.0 all of these are mint according to your grades i paid for. So i sent these in because your company said they were mint. The 9.0 i’m good with the other 2 i’m very disapointed with. I think you need to go over the grading with your employees .

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  4. I’d like to hear more about the COMC grading service. I am familiar with BGS, and realize they have very high standards to get the grades. I would be a little disappointed as well if I was told by COMC that my cards were “mint” but later found out they were NM-MT+ (8.5). But really that is pretty good!!! If they can usually get this correct within 0.5 points, that is actually very good in my opinion. I realize the re-sell value varies due to condition. But this is really a subjective grading system. So Great job in my eyes COMC. Now my question… After sending in a card for COMC grading, what happens to the card? Is it given any kind of authentication/ stamp/ seal /slab? Serial number? Can I get a Certificate of grading? The reason I ask is this is an affordable way to have cards graded (by a third party). And I think selling them on ebay after receiving the COMC grade would be nice. I’d love to hear back from a staff member… or even you ekhobbyshop.

    • Hi, chrisahardaway. There are two services we’re offering – #1: a COMC review, which is a quicker and less expensive way to get an estimate of the grade of a card. #2: Grading done by Beckett professionals. The COMC review does not come with a slab or certificate, but the card will be re-listed on the site with the COMC estimated grade and grade-appropriate Book Value. The Beckett grading is identical in every way to the service you would get if you mailed in your card to Beckett yourself, except it is a little less expensive and you can pay for it with store credit instead of having to cash out.

  5. Ok I would not get the card graded by Comc . Not worth it check the card by the pic posted or from what you send to comc. Just a waste of money to have comc grade for 2 or 3.00. When I sent the cards to BGS I was expecting no less than a 9.0 on all because Comc said they knew what BGS was looking for. From One grade yes the other two cards were very off center not mint cards.

  6. Thank you guys for helping me understand better. I have sold about 35 items on, but I have purchased over 100 in my estimation. I love the site. I only wish the pricing on the BGS service was a little more on par with doing it myself. However I do like the option that COMC offers for grading independently. I always wondered why some cards said “pending condition review”, and why others fell into categories like NM-MT, VG-EX, etc. I’m now assuming those that are in categories were actually reviewed by COMC staff. I’d like to see more people post on this blog topic. I will check back for more feedback soon!

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