Announcing the COMC Mailbox service!

COMC is proud to announce our latest service to help empower collectors: the COMC Mailbox!  Many folks have asked us over the years if they can buy on other sites or participate in a group break and have the items shipped directly to us to make things simpler and to save money.  Additionally, we’ve talked to international customers who have had difficulty buying from American sites due to the expense of tracking packages across borders.  A number of collectors have been interested in a 3rd party verification service for trades and purchases – a neutral service that can film packages being opened and verify contents.  People running group breaks have noted the potential benefit in shipping one large package full of many different participants’ items to a single address rather than mailing out everything individually.  The COMC Mailbox service is designed to serve all of these needs:
– Purchases from other sites
– Group breaks
– Proxy shipments to international customers
– Forum trades
– Many other potential uses


Have any package shipped to your COMC Mailbox instead of directly to you.  We’ll open the items in your Mailbox on a monthly basis and put them all into one large batch for you with One Week processing, or you can choose to have them opened and processed at any time.  You save money on shipping fees since you don’t have to pay once for the item to be mailed to you and once more to mail it to COMC, and you save on minimum processing charges by bundling multiple small packages together into one consignment batch.

Ship to: Mailbox
c/o [Your Username]
6727 – 185th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

Cost for a Mailbox: Free!
As an introductory rate, we aren’t charging anything for Mailbox creation or maintenance while we ramp up the service.  There’s no extra step for getting started either – your Mailbox is created automatically when we receive something addressed to your COMC Mailbox.  Additionally, we will never charge for un-used / empty Mailboxes.

Processing Service Levels Available: One Week ($0.50/card) or One Day ($2/card); $5 minimum on all services.
When we receive a package, we will send you an email notifying you of your Mailbox delivery. You may either wait for us to process your Mailbox items on our standard monthly basis with One Week service (we will open Mailboxes once a month; at that time we will start to process all items in the Mailbox as One Week items) or you may choose to expedite the due date by responding to the email and indicating One Week or One Day processing for all the contents of that Mailbox. There is no additional cost to opening your Mailbox early, however our standard $5 minimums still apply and the items will be subject to all normal processing costs.  To prevent potential errors, users may not split Mailbox items up into different service levels.


  • Requests for One Day processing of Mailbox items must be received by 11:00am PST of the day before you would like your items uploaded (i.e. if you email us at 3:00pm on Tuesday requesting One Day service for your Mailbox items, we will upload your items by the end of the day on Thursday).
  • This service is currently for cards only, no comics or other memorabilia.
  • We will provide a picture of the package contents, and we will count the number of items in the package, but we are not able to identify any items that have not been processed yet.
  • If there appear to be any irregularities with the order, the user will be responsible for contacting COMC promptly; costs to return items to the original shipper or to return items to the account holder unprocessed will be assumed by the COMC account holder.
  • Other processing service levels beyond One Week and One Day are not available for Mailbox items at this time.
  • Graded cards will not incur an additional $5 minimum fee if they are processed at the same time as standard cards, although they will be billed at the regular oversized item processing rate of $2.00/item for One Week or $3.00/item for One Day.
  • International users of the Mailbox service will be responsible for any duties / border-crossing fees associated with any Mailbox items received.
  • Users should be aware of any external deadlines (ebay return deadlines for example) and proactively request an early open date if package contents need to verify contents by a certain time.

We’re excited to be offering this new service to further improve your collecting experience.  Like many of our great features, this one grew organically from the community.  We’d specifically like to thank cocoscards for engaging with us when we were in Edmonton.  We appreciate our users’ feedback, as your input has led to some of the innovations now available on  Keep following us on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and our new Google+ page!

96 thoughts on “Announcing the COMC Mailbox service!

  1. Wow!!!!!! I was excited when I met Tim and Julia in Edmonton and especially when Tim seemed receptive to something like this. I am absolutely blown away with how quickly and how well COMC has taken this idea forward. This certainly helps out the International buyer who often can not bid on items being sold on and will now be able to purchase the item have it sent to COMC with a US address and then either sell it on the site or ship to themselves. Fantastic!!!!!!.

  2. I can ship several packages for group break participants in one large package? Just need them labeled individually with the participants username then? That would be very nice.

    • Hey houdini. Glad to hear the Mailbox will work for your breaks! We know how costly and time consuming it can be for group breakers to package and ship to the many participants, so we hope this will simplify things for you as well as create a fun and convenient way for your participants to sell and ship their items.

    • I am actually glad we don’t have one…It has saved me from sending a few sellers (and buyers) here a few choice words over the years…and probably also saved me from receiving them. Plus with having people of all ages here… ranging from a 10 year old I know who manages his cards here all the way up to a 77 year old who is one of my best walk in customers, I am not sure having a system like that would be a smart thing.

    • The $5 minimum is for each time we open the whole Mailbox, not for each package in it. The goal is so that someone could send us in several packages with one or two items each and still only pay a single $5 processing minimum.

  3. Hey. I think this is a great service for international customers. Good job, COMC!
    But which amount do you write on the customs declaration?

    • Hi, hs86183. If the package will be shipping to us from outside the United States you’ll need to have the shipper declare the appropriate value for the items inside and you’ll be responsible for any import duties. For items we ship we always declare the full paid value for the contents (but not the BV).

      • hi, but when you receive items without any invoice or value stated (which happens a lot) how do you declare value when we ask you to ship overseas to us? thank you

  4. Great idea!! This is just awesome for international users. I will use this service for sure!


  5. I need explain. What if – for example – I got 100 cards in group break. I decide to add few hits to my personal collection and post some cards to site. Plus there will be some base cards, not worth listing. So I will have 75 cords not want to list and 25 cards for the site. When use Mailbox service, I will need to pay 5.00 dollars plus 100×0,50 dollars listing fee? Or I can choose 25 cards to list and 75 cards to hold in mailbox for free?

    • Hi, Tony. Great question!
      Currently you may either choose to list all of the items in your Mailbox or to list none of them and have them shipped to the address of your choice (at our standard shipping rates). Unfortunately we cannot list only a partial amount of the items in the Mailbox yet, but if we hear a lot of people are interested in a service like that we’ll defintely look into it.
      One clarificaiton is that the cost is not $5 + $0.50/item; it’s simply $0.50/item with a $5 minimum. For example if you processed one item we would charge $5, but it you processed twelve items we would charge $6.00 (12 * $0.50).

  6. Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who told us about this unmet need in the industry. As you will probably hear us say time and again, your input is important to us. We want to become THE place to buy and sell collectibles online and to do that, we want to hear what you want and need to make your experiences better. We take all of your requests seriously. This is a passion which we share with our users because in many cases, we are site users too.

    Thank you so much for your continued contributions, and be on the lookout for some of our upcoming feature releases. Many of you have been asking us for these new features, and we are excited to see them come to fruition for our community as a whole.

    Mark M.

  7. Hi
    This is a great news. We were waiting for this kind of service since a long time in Europe.
    That becomes really expensive to buy single card coming form USA.

  8. hi, i live in Taiwan. if i buy cards from ebay sellers in USA and have 10 packages sent to my comc mailbox. and i want comc to open my mailbox contents once per month and then ship all items to my Taiwan address. About how much do i pay(processing fee and overseas shipping fees and monthly mailbox fees, am i missing anything) ? (lets say 10 packages contain a total of 50 cards) ? thank you!

    • Hi, 17sportscards.
      In your example, the total fee would be $40.50
      $0.50/card for processing = $25
      $0.25/card to ship them after they’ve been processed = $12.50
      $3.00 flat shipping fee

      Once the cards have been processed onto the site for $0.50/each you can also choose to re-sell them, or just have us hold on to them for as long as you like.

      • thanks jeremy

        I think I got it. My mailbox is being processed right now. Looking forward at card photos! This is a great service for me living overseas. even paying $17-20 each time to ship from Comc to Taiwan is very good when I combine shipments, especially many cards i bought online do not even ship overseas. I am also combine orders from different friends to ship back home. Its even better whem i just buy from Comc sellers, i don,t even pay for domestic shipping fees and mailbox processing fees. Love It!

      • Hi jeremy, isnt it $3 flat shipping rate, so how come 0.25 per card? To ship em after its been processed in addition to the $3? Thanks

      • Hi, J. We offer $3 flat-rate shipping for any cards purchased on For cards sent to us and returned unsold we charge an additional $.25/card.

  9. Is the mailbox forced to be opened once a month or is it on a per request basis? Because If It takes me 2 months to get to 10 cards, and I don’t want to open before that, I would not want to pay $10 instead of $5.

  10. So just to be clear. If i sent an order i get you will opennit up, clean out the contents pit all cards in penny sleeves individually for 5$. Then i can pay the same usual fees to have each of these items processed on the site ?

    • Hi, C.
      The $5 is a minimum charge. So it might be more than that, but it won’t be less. However, we charge per card, not per package. If you send us ten packages with one card each, the total fee will be $5 ($0.50/card). If you send us just one package with one card, the fee will still be $5 since that is the minimum. If you send us ten packages with five cards each, the total for those 50 cards will be $25.

      • The charges I’ve described are the processing charges. There is no additional fee to have your items listed on the site. Thanks!

  11. i have an account now, but if one pacakge has 20 cards, do you count it as a $0.50/item with a $5 minimum or does it count as 20 items at $0.50 each ? so important, thanks!

    • each card will be $0.50, not each envelope, i dont work for COMC but that’s what the price is.

  12. I tried using this service on eBay, but the seller told me Paypal wouldn’t let them print the shipping label because the place doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s because I put the c/o*username* line under address 2? There was no space for it otherwise unless I put it on the top header for the name? Sorry if this sounds really confusing.

    • Hi, Stan. Interesting; we’ve gotten quite a few ebay packages so far, so I’m not sure what issue that seller ran into. Sorry about that.

  13. Im going to be all over this like an ant on a sugar cube!! few questions though:

    1. What happens if the object is registered?
    2. Will anyone ever have to go to a post office to pick up an item?
    3. Whats the longest i can keep my cards with you?

    • I dunno if you got a reply pippen king but i have had about 9 items with tacking show up to the comc mailbox. im guessing if they have Signature on delivery then the COMC guys just sign for it.

    • Hi, slobbythegreat. I’m glad this will be a helpful service for you. We’ve had orders pouring in, so it sounds like a lot of people feel the same way.
      1. We sign for any package that requires a signiture.
      2. The post office knows we get a lot of packages – they send a truck over twice a day! In the strange event that a package was held for us at the office, our building is less than a block from theirs so we’d just hop over and get it.
      3. There’s really no limit. If a card is for sale on the site for more than $0.75 we charge a penny per month in storage, but if it isn’t for sale we don’t charge anything. 99.9% of people use the site to sell so we haven’t run into a situation where cards just piled up in someone’s account to the point where it became a big deal to store & insure them.

  14. hi, after you receive the package sent to my mailbox; while not yet being opened; do you inform me via email of a package arrival to my mailbox? how long is the gap between receiving the package to informing me of the package? thank you!

  15. What happen if I forget to declare a value on my cards that I send in to be listed

    • If you sell them on the site, the declared value will be the sale price. If you end up having them shipped from us to you you’ll need to declare a value then.

  16. This is an awesome service, thank you very much!
    Question though, I have had my first item sent here and now have a mailbox number. Does this mailbox number stay the same for all purchases now? So instead of shipping to ‘ Mailbox,
    c/o [Your Username]…’ would I now ship to ‘ Mailbox, c/o [mailbox #]…’

    • No, just keep using your COMC username – that keeps it the simplest for us in case we ever need to move things around. Thanks!

  17. Hi Jeremy, any plans to allow other collectibles or other hobby related items for various fees?

    Loving the mailbox so far

    • Hi, Jonathon. We’ve always planned to start accepting other collectibles eventually. We launched our comic book category this last spring as the first step, and we’ve learned a lot about what kind of work it will take to better support these new services. Keep an eye on the blog, we’ll post any news here.

  18. Is there anyway to set up free (or super cheap) processing for items purchased on COMC to be placed into a mailbox? I have seen some rarer cards for my personal collection listed and I want to buy them ASAP but am discouraged because I don’t want to pay $3 S&H for a single.

    Example: I see a Card A on Monday that I need and hesitate buying it because that’s the only card I would be buying. But then on Wednesday I see a Card B I need and decide to get Card A and B, but now Card A is gone, so I don’t buy either Card A or B. And then I feel 🙁

  19. Hi, russfeed. This functionality actually exists already! We definitely don’t want anyone to have to spend $3 just to ship one card. The only thing you need to do is buy items using COMC store credit. Anything you buy with store credit won’t be shipped until you ask us to ship it, so you can buy cards one at a time over as long a period as you like. Whenever you’re ready we can ship everything together for just $3.
    We don’t charge anything to hold on to your cards while you shop, so you can take as long as you like. =)
    Hope this helps!

  20. Hi,
    I am actually adding a secondary shipping address for eBay using your mailbox and it tells me that ‘Redmond, WA, 98052-5037, US’ would be more appropriate than the same thing without 5037. What should I write please?

    • Hi, Jerome_Spree. the last four digits are optional. We don’t use them ourselves, but there’s nothing wrong with including them.

  21. Hi i recently purchase 2 mj cards from ebay and change mailing address to COMC. But i accidentally put down as (rogerbid23) should be justjordan23 in COMC. could you please check it any mail arrived.

    • Hi Roger! I’m so sorry we are so slow on replying to this question. I just checked with our receiving team and we haven’t seen these cards yet. But, they have the information about the user name change, and are keeping an eye out for your cards.

      Again, I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you.


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  23. This is such an awesome service! I finally got my mailbox up and running, but I have a question if you don’t mind? What happens if someone uses base cards for protection as decoys? Would you still charge .50 processing for each of the base card decoys? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a dumb question.

    • Hi Stan! There are no such things as “dumb questions”, so no worries.

      If you’re able to notify us in time, then we’ll pull the base cards and place them into the COMC Charity account (based on your approval, of course). Our processing team is very clever and they can see the difference between the good cards and the base/decoys cards. Thanks and have a great day!

  24. Hi.
    Just wondering what the go is with redemptions? Am I able to get a redemption sent to you guys, and then forwarded on to me?

    • Hi rishgoon! I just saw the twitter feed, and asked for some clarification there – what’s going on, and what can we do to help you?

      • Hi Moe
        Basically just wanted to know if I have a redemption sent to you guys from an eBay seller who won’t post overseas, am I able to have it forwarded on to me unredeemed?

      • Hi Luke! Thanks for your patience, I just got home and saw this message.

        As you know, COMC offers a redemption service so you can sell them on our website, saving you time and/or trouble. However, you have the option to have any cards from your mailbox sent to you, redemption or not. If you want the cards sent to you, unscratched, then that’s what we’ll do. They’re your cards, after all.

        So, have the eBay seller send those cards to your COMC Mailbox; when they arrive, we’ll let you know we have them here and you can tell us to send them to you. Simple as that.

        Thanks for being a part of the COMC Nation! Aussie Aussie Aussie!


    • Hi, rishgoon. Moe is correct, but I wanted to clarify something since there have been some misunderstandings. If you have an unscratched redemption card sent to us and LET US KNOW that you don’t want it redeemed, we can put it into your ‘returns’. Returns are items which we either cannot process (a signed photograph, for example), or items which users have requested us not to process. After the regular items in your mailbox have been processed, you can request to have any cards you like shipped to you for our standard shipping rates. When you have a shipment sent to you, we will bundle in your returns along with it.

      If you send us a redemption card and don’t give us any special instructions we will process it with our new Redemptions service. The service is pretty interesting – instead of choosing between trying to sell your card or redeeming it, we allow you to do both at the same time.


  25. Hi, I wanted to know is this is service is completely operational at this moment for receiving cards, because I already send cards to my mailbox, even with registered mail, and I don’t get any response from COMC that there is an arrived package or anything. When I check up the package online, it shows that it was already delivered several days ago, so I want to know why I don’t receive any emails/confirmations about this.

    • Hi, the Mailbox has been up and running for several weeks now. I am sorry for the delay in notification re: the cards arriving at COMC. You can contact our customer service team directly at, give them the details of the situation, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Again, I do apologize for the breakdown in communications, and we’ll do what we can to remedy this issue to your satisfaction.


  26. G’day – I’m in Australia, but managed to acquire some eTopps cards, that I’d like to try and get shipped to my COMC address, as eTopps doesn’t ship overseas. Are you able to advise as to whether eTopps cards are processed at the standard $0.50/item rate, or the $2.00 graded card rate (seeing as they come in a hard plastic case).? I’ve got 10 copies of the same card – if the rpocessing is $0.50 each, I’ll probably ship them all, but if it’s $2 each, then I’ll probably only ship several copies. Thanks!

    • Hi Graymice. Since they are sent in the hard case, it will be at the oversize price, which is $2.00/item. To qualify for the mailbox minimum, you’d have to process 3 cards at that price.

      I hope this helps in your decision process. Thanks!


  27. Hello, Any update on a resolution regarding one touch/top loaded protected cards arriving in our mailbox and then being able to have them forwarded in the same one touch/toploaders instead of the current process which has seen some people get there cards unprotected after having them arrive to their mailbox protected? Much appreciated

    • Hi Johno! Because we are a card processing service, we need to remove cards from top loaders in order to process and store them in our warehouse. The exception to this rule is any card that’s graded or encased within a sealed top loader or in a sealed case.

      Your request isn’t the first we’ve heard, however – a number of folks have asked about keeping the cards within the top loaders they’re sent in, so we’re examining different ways in which we can modify the Mailbox program from strictly a processing service into also being a “dropbox-type” service.

      When Tim and our crew get back from Chicago, this issue is something we’re going to address, in order to see what viable solutions we can develop. Thanks for your patience!


  28. Hello,

    This looks to be a great service! Congrats!

    My question: (f.e) I got 80 cards total from a break and from individual purchases shipped to my box. I do not want any of them being processed and listed on the website but want them all to be shipped to my address (Hungary) at the time my box is opened. How much will I pay in this case? Do I still pay the .50/card too or just the standard h/s fees? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, Marci1984. Thanks for asking. Right now we’re a processing service, so we’re not set up to simply act as a drop-shipper. If you would like your items shipped all together we’re happy to do that after we’ve processed them. Your total cost will be $.50/card processing + $0.25/card shipping + $3.


  29. Let me have a rant. I previously said the service was a good idea for international customers so I have to say it the other way when something goes wrong. My mailbox has been processed last week and 42 items have been added to it during the first month. I received the mail indicating that the process was now over and that 40 items have been added to my account and that the two remaining were being ‘returned’. Excuse me? After having checked, the two cards in question are oddballs so they are unlisted by Beckett. I am sorry but I paid for both of them to get them to you and you even took $1.00 out of my store credit.
    I want these items being added to my account or the money I bought them to be brought back to me in case you already returned them.

    I am sorry to write this but I had to as it is unfair to proceed that way simply because you only rely on Beckett checklists.

    I hope to hear from you soon to get this problem solved.


    • Hi, Jerome_Spree. Please let me look into this for you and find out the details. Can you provide me with the transaction number we emailed you for this batch of items?


      • Hi,
        sure, it is batch #583347. One of these two cards is from a magazine from the early 2000s and is a bit damaged but I bought it as I never saw it before and the second one is unlisted by Beckett and it sometimes surfaces on a famous auction website so not a counterfeit or something.

        Thanks for trying to fix this,

      • I just forgot to mention that both cards were not for sale as I plan to have them shipped to me along with the others.


  30. I currently have 2 items sitting in my mailbox, one should be fine, but the other one is possibly one of those promo cards that are not listed in Beckett. Can anyone here confirm that it will be added to my inventory instead of being sent back?

    Also, if a card arrives in the mailbox in a screwdown case, will the staff be able to process the card as usual (like it has arrived in a toploader)? I don’t want the screwdown case, I just want the card to get processed.


    • Hi Brian! We do list a number of cards that don’t appear in the Beckett price guide – in able for us to speak to your case specifically, could you email our customer service team ( with your specifics and we’ll be able to determine the fate of that promo card.

      They’ll also be able to help re: the card in the screwdown case. Usually, cards in cases like that get processed as an “Oversize” item and left in the case. Again, our customer service team will be able to work with you on this. Thanks!

      • I have responded to the notification emails that I got when the items arrived in my mailbox, but I have yet to get any response from the staff.

      • Hi Brian; we’re very sorry for the slow response. If you can give me your COMC username, I’ll see what I can do to help push the process along from my end. Thanks!

      • My username is “shaqaholic”. I have a couple of items in my mailbox at this moment in time, the mailbox will be opened on the 4th of October. I have listed the attachment names that came with the notification emails, if it helps: (promo card not listed in beckett) (card in screwdown, but I just want the card, not the case)


      • Hi Brian, I’ve forwarded your message onto our Customer Service team; they’ll be getting n contact with you soon. It’s Monday morning, so it may take a little while longer than usual. Thanks for your patience.

      • Hi there, I have not received any response from the at all. I have replied to the Submission Received email requesting the potential processed status of the card but never received any response even with your help of forwarding my username.

        My mailbox was processed yesterday and the promo card in question has been rejected and returned. Like I have mentioned before, I only wanted to use this mailbox service to ship the cards to me, so I have no intention in selling the cards on the site. Can I please request that the promo card be retrieved from the “return” pile and put back into my inventory?

        Once again, my username is “shaqaholic” and I would like to be contacted via email.

      • Hello Brian. Once again, I’ve forwarded your messages onto our customer service team.

        Unfortunately, your desired use of the Mailbox is outside the original intention of the COMC Mailbox, so we’re having to develop work-arounds for customers who are wanting to just use COMC as a “drop box” type service. And, with work-arounds in general, there can be some delays in the process. We are working on ways to accommodate as many people as possible, but in the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

      • Drawing from your experience, does that mean the card is definitely going to be returned to the sender? Please confirm this, as I need to contact the seller and let him know. Thanks.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you right now. And, everyone’s gone home for the evening so I won’t be able to get an answer until Monday, at the earliest. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

        For what it’s worth – based on my personal experience, I haven’t heard of anyone’s Mailbox submissions being returned to the seller. But, I don’t spend a lot of time in the receiving/shipping area, either. I’m not saying it’s never happened, I’ve just never heard of a situation where it had happened.

      • Like you mentioned, can you please confirm where the package will be going? does the rejected submission go back to the sender’s address or the address of the account?

        Also, I have received no assistance or response of any kind from email account. I have replied to the email with questions but I have never been contacted. I am merely following the instructions at the top of this page:

        “If there appear to be any irregularities with the order, the user will be responsible for contacting COMC promptly; costs to return items to the original shipper or to return items to the account holder unprocessed will be assumed by the COMC account holder.”

        So I have been contacting you guys and based on the last line above, where do the irregularities go? what does this line mean? and if I choose to return to items to account holder? who do I talk to? who will confirm with me that my request has been communicated?

      • Hi Brian; I spoke to our customer service team, and I think (I hope) we’ve got the email issue figured out. I’m sorry for the delays, and I hope that we can get things solved to your satisfaction. Thanks for your patience.

  31. So if i have lets say 10 cards posted there and they all arrive in One Touch cases once u recieve and scan them etc if i was to get them posted to me do u post them out with the cases they arrived in weather its One Touch or Toploaders or do u guys ship them just depending on the selection we choose to have no Toploaders or add 25c for each?

    • Hi, if they arrive in one-touch cases, we leave them in the one-touch and process them as “oversize”.

      If they arrive in toploaders, we remove them from the toploaders for processing.

      If you want them shipped in toploaders, then you can request a toploader for a card when you’re on the shipping page.

      Thanks for the question! 🙂

  32. All international collectors should join COMC. COMC shipped my package on 21st; I received it in Taiwan within 7 days with super secure packaging. I am very satisfied! Thank you!

  33. Hi, In my shipping adress to mailbox I wrote: iluvatarek. Is this correct or it should be: [iluvatarek]?

  34. I can not get onto your website. it told me to contact you so i can be unblocked. can you please take the block off or tell me what i need to do so i can use the site. thank you.

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