COMC Hot List Special for May 1st – May 15th

Hello friends and collectors – it’s time to announce the latest COMC Hot List!

As always, these are the players and sets that are currently hot in sports card circles, as determined by COMC users on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the COMC processing team. This latest list includes several baseball players that are making headlines, as well as one of the hottest players in the NBA playoffs.

Tony Cingrani
Nolan Arenado
Bryce Harper
Matt Moore
Stephen Curry
2013 Bowman Baseball (Parallels and Autos only)
2013 Topps Tribute Baseball
2012-13 Fleer Retro Hockey
2012-13 Panini Prizm  – Any Sport (Parallels and Autos only)
2012-13 Panini Preferred Basketball

And our special Hot Theme this time around?

Even though the baseball season is off to a great start, and NBA and NHL playoffs are underway, we know that some of you (and frankly, some of us) still have football on the brain. So in honor of last week’s NFL Draft, any of the new 2013 Football products that have just been released will also be part of this Hot List.

So what does being on the Hot List mean?

COMC wants to encourage our users to get these hot cards into your accounts to offer for sale as quickly as possible, so starting today, any cards from these players or sets will qualify for our “Hot List Special” processing.

With this service, you will receive One Day processing at the One Week price:
$0.50 per raw trading card and $0.75 per graded, encased, or jumbo card.

How to Submit Hot List Items for Consignment:
* Clearly write “Hot List Special” on the outer mailing package and/or the address label.
* $5 minimum batch fee (We recommend submitting 10+ items.)
* 200 item maximum per week
* Must be postmarked by May 15th, 2013
* Must be mailed to our US address (Our Canadian warehouse currently only supports One Month service.)
* Any submissions received on a Friday or Saturday may not be processed until the following Monday.
* Submissions with non-Hot List items mixed in will be downgraded to One Week service.

You are welcome to submit Hot List batches at the same time that you submit other batches with different service levels, even if they’re mailed in the same package, but please make sure that each batch is clearly separated and labeled, and that “Hot List Special” is written on the outside of the mailing package and/or mailing label.

Thanks for your input for this new Hot List, and watch our Facebook page for the call for the next Hot List in a week!

10 thoughts on “COMC Hot List Special for May 1st – May 15th

  1. So lets clear up the 2013 football. Are we talking stuff that was printed in 2013 so play book and five star still qualify? Or just leaf and hits and stuff.

  2. Would “2012-13 Panini Prizm – Any Sport (Parallels and Autos only)” include Select Gold Prizms?

  3. Greg: Yes.

    Jason: Five Star was on the last Hot List that just concluded. You can still submit your cards, they will just be processed at the One Week rate for the same cost as the Hot List.

  4. so i can send in players who are NOT on that list that i have autos of from 2013 on card from heritage, i have a mark trumbo on card and some other elite on card and stidker serial numbered cards…it may make it 2 confusing im sending in about 225 cards up there tommorow from the SF bay area CA. and just going to do the 1 month thing,

    • Hi Mark,
      Only the cards listed would be eligible for the Hot List special, but we’d be happy to work with you to consign your cards. You can learn more about the process by clicking the following link:

      If you have further questions about consignment, please contact our support staff directly at Thanks!

    • Hi, Mark.
      As far as rules for consignment, we ask you only send in cards that are in good shape (unless they are vintage or otherwise still valuable in some way), and please do not send them in hard plastic toploaders. We don’t take anything when you buy or sell cards – we only take our percentage when you cash your earnings out. That means if you use the money you earn to buy other cards on the site, you don’t end up paying a comission at all! Our cash-out fee is a flat 20%, with a small extra charge for small cashouts or for mailing a check – we pay all PayPal fees. We charge a $0.01/month storage fee on any card listed for over 75 cents, but cards are exempt for the first 90 days.
      Thanks, and please get in touch with our awesome Customer Relations department if there’s anything else we can answer for you.


  5. I guess what I had to say was not wanted! Because it never got approved to be shown in the comments. Kinda shady if you ask me…… But im sure this one wont get seen ether so…….

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