Ah, spring. How does the old Tennyson quote go?

Spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

Or baseball spring training… or March Madness brackets… or the NBA playoff race…

Here at COMC, our spring fancy has turned to Spring Cleaning. We need to make room in our warehouse for all of these great new 2013 cards that many of our sellers have been sending in, not to mention the new comic book program that we just launched. And we thought that since many of you might also like a spring refresh of your inventory or collection, this seems like the perfect time to offer a couple of seasonal promotions.


First up, for buyers – we’ll have many of our sellers offering some great limited-time Spring Cleaning specials. (More information on that below.)  So you’ll have plenty of great items to choose from, many at incredible sale prices. But in addition to that, we’ve decided to offer a Free Shipping special! From now until midnight on March 30th, we’re offering:

  • FREE Standard shipping on 25 or more items
  • FREE Rapid shipping on 50 or more items
  • FREE Priority shipping on 75 or more items (Domestic shipments only; orders going outside the US will receive a $7.99 shipping discount)

Please note that these Free Shipping offers only apply if you’re using Simplified Shipping Mode. Advanced Reselling Mode users who meet these shipment quantities will receive $3.00, $4.99 and $7.99 discounts instead of free shipping.


And what do we have in store for sellers? Well, in addition to an influx of buyers looking for deals and enough cards to earn the Free Shipping special, we’re offering three weeks of free Spring Cleaning promotions where you can mark down all or part of your listed inventory and have it be featured in the COMC Promotions section at no charge. Just log in to your account and head into your Promotions Manager to select the details of the sale you’d like to run.


Each Spring Cleaning sale week runs from Sunday through Saturday, starting on March 10th. Just select how long you’d like your sale to run, and how much of a discount you’d like to offer. The discount will apply to your entire listed inventory, but you can still customize individual items with larger discounts or even no discount at all.

So there you have it – great COMC specials for buyers and sellers alike, running from March 10th through March 30th. We hope you’ll take advantage of them.

And stay tuned for news of more new COMC features and developments, coming VERY soon!

17 thoughts on “SPRING: TIME FOR SOME DEALS!

  1. Awesome! I just set up a sale starting this Sunday! 30% off on all my cards!

  2. Set up my sale as well, now how about a special to send in some replacement inventory 😉

  3. what no comments from JHS? Kidding…great promo – going to get it going now

    • I was doing it only to get subsequent comments emailed to me. But even I realized that it was annoying 🙂

  4. I just checked to have my cards shipped and its only offering me $3 off? It says something about simplified shipping mode. But when I checked my setting im on “simplified shipping mode”? Every-time you guys run a special it is useless to me. I mean I love the effort, but what good is it if I cant use it? My settings say im on that SSM but it wont give me the free shipping. But I guess it is what it is. lol

  5. I have set up a promotion to start today. I would also like to set up a port sale or two to clear out some of the inventory that I have on the site for a while. I went to set one up and the options to select the cards I would like to include in the sale seemed very limited. Can you select by more than year and sport?


  6. Wow!!! I hope everyone else is seeing great results from the spring cleaning promo. I have already had my best month yet and it is just the 12th.

    Thanks to all the buyers and good luck to all the sellers.

  7. Appreciate the promotion, but the only thing that will help everyone who sells on the site is finding ways to control the constant price cutting. I just priced 2013 Topps Series I inserts and sellers are pricing cards for only $.01 or $.02 more than it cost to list the card on the site!!!!! Factor in your shipping to get the cards to COMC and you are giving the cards away and killing sales for other sellers. There should be a $.50 minimum price for the first 60 days a card is listed to protect sellers from their own stupidity.

  8. I’d also like to thank you guys for putting this on, this really is a great website and I look forward to being a part of it as it continues to grow. Thank you to all the buyers and sellers as well.

  9. Anyone else having issues on COMC today? My Spring sale is not showing up. I had entered it over a week ago and was approved on 3/9.

    The other issue is when I go to buy a card that is showing the Spring Sale discount, I click on it and I’m being charged the normal price before the sale.

    • Oh great! I just bought a bunch of cards, too, but didn’t pay attention to the final charge. Hope it was fixed before I did that!

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  12. Hi …I have about 100 items I want to ship to you about 60 cards and 40 comics any specials going on on getting them listed as far as price and how much are the comics and how do you list.???

    • Hello Richard,

      Thanks for contacting us. We are not currently running any specials for comics as we have just launched them. However, each comic is processed for a total of $.50 per comic and these can currently be processed at the One Month Processing speed. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact our customer service line or email us.

      Mark Miller

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