Ah, spring. How does the old Tennyson quote go?

Spring, when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

Or baseball spring training… or March Madness brackets… or the NBA playoff race…

Here at COMC, our spring fancy has turned to Spring Cleaning. We need to make room in our warehouse for all of these great new 2013 cards that many of our sellers have been sending in, not to mention the new comic book program that we just launched. And we thought that since many of you might also like a spring refresh of your inventory or collection, this seems like the perfect time to offer a couple of seasonal promotions.


First up, for buyers – we’ll have many of our sellers offering some great limited-time Spring Cleaning specials. (More information on that below.)  So you’ll have plenty of great items to choose from, many at incredible sale prices. But in addition to that, we’ve decided to offer a Free Shipping special! From now until midnight on March 30th, we’re offering:

  • FREE Standard shipping on 25 or more items
  • FREE Rapid shipping on 50 or more items
  • FREE Priority shipping on 75 or more items (Domestic shipments only; orders going outside the US will receive a $7.99 shipping discount)

Please note that these Free Shipping offers only apply if you’re using Simplified Shipping Mode. Advanced Reselling Mode users who meet these shipment quantities will receive $3.00, $4.99 and $7.99 discounts instead of free shipping.


And what do we have in store for sellers? Well, in addition to an influx of buyers looking for deals and enough cards to earn the Free Shipping special, we’re offering three weeks of free Spring Cleaning promotions where you can mark down all or part of your listed inventory and have it be featured in the COMC Promotions section at no charge. Just log in to your account and head into your Promotions Manager to select the details of the sale you’d like to run.


Each Spring Cleaning sale week runs from Sunday through Saturday, starting on March 10th. Just select how long you’d like your sale to run, and how much of a discount you’d like to offer. The discount will apply to your entire listed inventory, but you can still customize individual items with larger discounts or even no discount at all.

So there you have it – great COMC specials for buyers and sellers alike, running from March 10th through March 30th. We hope you’ll take advantage of them.

And stay tuned for news of more new COMC features and developments, coming VERY soon!