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Ryan Cracknell of Non-Sport Update recently interviewed us for NSU’s blog.  In this month’s print edition of Non-Sport Update he has also written up a review of his experience with COMC!  Some excerpts from his article:

COMC is great for old-school set builders like me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good autograph, but I’m usually looking for a couple of generic singles to fill out a nine-pocket page or plug some holes. I spent much of last  summer doing just that with my original Star Wars sets I always wanted to complete. Now I’m a couple of cards away, down from a couple hundred. I’m chugging along on lots of other sets as well, both new and old.

While individual cards may be cheap on other sites where many sellers can list their items, shipping costs can be a deal breaker. Having to order from several different locations means you have to pay postage several times over. I’d much rather put that money towards filling more holes in my collection. Because COMC stores all of their cards in one place, you’re only paying one fee. From a percentage basis, the postage savings of buying in bulk from COMC versus [other site] can add up quickly.

For me, COMC is kind of like using Amazon for movies and books. They’ve got a massive selection, fair prices and tons of convenience, particularly for collectors like me who are looking for cheap singles. Of course, nothing beats a good local shop or card show, but COMC is a formidable alternative.

Thanks, Ryan, for taking the time to check us out! Non-Sport Update’s Feb/Mar issue is on sale now online and in select Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores as well as comic and card shops.

9 thoughts on “COMC in the Press!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Curious whether the magazine has considered offering COMC members a special subscription offer. Hm, for that matter I wonder whether it’s considered submitting back issues for the beta 🙂

  2. Just a Suggestion, I and other sellers on here have thousands of cards that would help these set builders out. (Including Ryan’s Star Wars Cards he’s looking for) But we all look at the 25 cent listing fee and see its not profitiable for us to send them in. Which affects not only the seller, the buyer, but COMC to for not having the the demand. Just think of the extra business, sales wise and repeat business from customers.

    I know it can be a hassle to list these but if you get a listing fee and a shipping fee it could be very profitable for COMC

    Maybe consider a Monthly special for Older sets, Sports and Non-sports from the 80’s-late 90’s as older is considered vintage and has more value than these cards. But listing fee would have to be 10-15 cents per card for your sellers to want to jump on this offer so its profitable for them as well


    • I like this idea a lot, but only the COMC people know whether they could handle the extra “bulk” this may bring to them.

      • Yep, and I don’t know that I want more competition in this space. I’m fat and happy spending 25 cents to sell them for 75. If people weren’t buying them, that would be different. (And I know there are buyers at lower prices who won’t pay 75 cents. I can’t keep up with demand as it is.)

  3. That’s wonderful!
    I guarantee that if he bought a pile of Star Wars cards on COMC, that at least some of those were mine, and that the vast majority of the ones he bought from me were submitted to COMC during some sort of listing sale.

    I have thousands of additional cards from a wide variety of sports, non-sports and gaming sets waiting for the next listing sale.

    I also have many thousands of comic books waiting for the day that COMC starts accepting those.

    So, THANK YOU, COMC for making it all possible. And remember listing sale = wider variety of stuff = happier customers.

  4. I’d like to see some sort of incentive for people to send in cards which are relatively scarce on the site, as opposed to cards where there are hundreds of copies already on the site.

    One possibility would be for COMC to keep a list of cards which have sold out completely – that is, the last copy of that card has been purchased and mailed to a buyer.

    Then, when someone submits a card on the “SOLD OUT” list, they get 10 or 15 cents off the processing of that card, just for the first copy that they send.

    • That’s a good idea. Also, the reverse, in which people can identify cards they want that are currently sold out. If I knew certain things were a quick flip I’d send them in sooner.

      • As one who would be the buyer in this situation, I would love this feature. I wish I could post my “needed” list, and let people make offers to fill it, even if some of the cards are not yet at COMC.

  5. Tim, Thanks for the mousepad and stickers! I appreciate the time you took to sign the letter you sent and will definitely send the COMC referral cards out with my eBay sales!

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