Holiday Info, Phasing Out Old Site, Canada Opening

Happy Holidays!  There is a lot of exciting information to share with you regarding the holidays, phasing out our old site, and the opening of our Canadian warehouse!

Holiday Shipping Schedule

In order to get your orders by Christmas, make sure you choose the following shipping options and place your orders by the following corresponding dates:

Priority – order by 11:59 p.m. PST 12/19

Express – order by 1 p.m.  PST 12/21

THIS IS THE LAST 24 HOURS TO ORDER PRIORITY AND GET IT BY CHRISTMAS!  There are still a couple more days to order Express shipping.

Holiday Shipping Special

Now through the end of 2012, order 12 or more items on only and receive free shipping! This promotion is not available on and is only available on in Simplified Shipping Mode, not in Advanced Reselling Mode.

Holiday Customer Service Hours

Customer Service will be closed (phones will be off) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Upcoming Features

There are a number of exciting features currently being developed that will be released very soon: Promotions, Port Sales & Partial Port Sales through the new Promotion mechanisms, and Featured Items.  Just wanted to give you a heads up, but you will hear and see more very soon.

Phasing Out the Old Site

As we are building upon, we anticipate many of our upcoming new offerings, such as comics, coins, etc., will prevent us from hosting two compatible websites simultaneously: the old site and the new site.  Already, the old architecture is holding us back.  We need to start migrating off of it, so we can enable things for the future.  Starting January 1, in order to get to the old site you will be required to log in.  Any anonymous user will only see  As replacements become available on, we will be removing more and more features from the old site and eventually replace it completely.   More details will be announced.

New Canadian Office

We signed a lease and moved into our new office!  We apologize that website features have been taking longer than expected because we had a very aggressive timeframe for opening the Canadian office, which unfortunately took longer than predicted.  The good news is that business has begun at the new location, and we are able to send and receive payments in Canadian funds.  Over the weekend, the exchange rate was 1-to-1.  So to our Canadian customers, please send your items and Canadian checks/money orders to our new Canadian warehouse!  The only service we are currently supporting at this location is the one month service.  We will announce the address shortly.  In the meantime, please continue sending items to the PO Box:

4311 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 1J3

We are thrilled to end 2012 with so much promise for 2013.  Best wishes and Happy New Year.

27 thoughts on “Holiday Info, Phasing Out Old Site, Canada Opening

  1. There is one significant feature on the old site that does not work on the new site. On the old site, when I pull up a list of my items, I can hold the curser over the item number and see the total number of that item for sale and the lowest price available. On the new site, when I hold the curser over the item number, it only shows the number of items I have up for sale. Why has that feature been eliminated? It is a significant feature that I use daily on the old site. As long as it is not available on the new site, I will continue to use the old as long as it exists. I would like to switch to the new to get used to it.

    • I use that one all the time as well and really miss it on the new site. It was available in one place for a while, but then the functionality was removed.

      • Probably a bug. I find that emailing them with a screen shot and how to replicate the issue helps them fix it sooner.

    • Hey Rob! I’m the program manager here at COMC and am looking into this issue. To my knowledge, neither COMC or checkoutmycards has this feature. Are you using a browser add-on that provides this functionality?

      • If I go to,sr,vText and hover over a card number, I get the pop-up he’s talking about. The number of cards shown corresponds to the Qty column, which is only how many cards I have. However, if I go to,sr,vText and hover over a card number, it tells me how many cards are on the site, not the number in the Qty column.

        To replicate the issue, log into your own account and compare a card that you own some of. The numbers will match on COMC but not on Make sense? 🙂

      • I use Chrome as my browser but no special add ons. The functionality works with any seller listing including my own if I choose Text and place the curser over the card number. It works on the old site but not the new using the same browser. I just checked and it also works with Firefox as the browser.

      • @Rob
        I think I see what the issue is. On the old site an item might say:
        Ask Price: $10.00
        5 in stock

        On COMC we give the same information but it’s all in the same line:
        5 from $10.00

        If only a single copy of an item is listed on the site, only the price will be listed. I hope this helps with your transition to the new site and please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  2. Any update on cards submitted at the big Bossa card show in Langley being added to the site soon?

  3. I have an issue with the COMC site on Android 2.3.4 (mobile browser). On the Checkoutmycards website, I can access needed links (Ads, individual sports) as they have direct links on the nav bar. On the COMC website, they are part of the ‘drop down’ menus in the red navigation bar. I can click the header to drop down the nav (ie, Browse) and it flashes the links, but will not allow me to select an option before disappearing.

    Therefore, I am forced to use the old site on my phone if I want to browse classifieds, or do anything else that requires information contained in a drop-down menu.

    Is this due to the Android version? Is it just a bug that hasn’t been sorted out yet? If neither, maybe a suggestion of posting a direct link to classifieds at the bottom of the main page (people are paying for the ad, I imagine quite a few people like me use mobile as much as desktop based browsers).

    • This is a known bug that affects some mobile browsers. While iOS (iPhone, iPad) displays the menu when those dropdowns are clicked, other mobile devices may not. We’re working to sort this out.

      In the meantime, to navigate to Classified Ads on COMC, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the ‘Promotions’ title on the right side of the page (it’s a hyperlink).

      We really appreciate the feedback as we’re counting on it to make the COMC site even better for everyone.

  4. Grant – on, in a text search by seller, if you hover over the number, you can see the number of copies of that card available from ALL SELLERS. On, you can only see the number of cards being offered by that one particular seller.

    Also, if you click on the card number, you still only see the cards being offered by that one seller. You have to click on another link to see the cards available from all sellers. This is what people are talking about.

    As such, a search by seller on is very clumsy. It’s far easier to search the entire site than to search the cards of a particular seller, and then have to determine which of the cards from that particular seller are the lowest on the site.

    With the new design, it’s also a bit clumsy to get to your dashboard. You have to hover over your userid, wait for links to pop up, and then scroll down to “my dashboard”. It would be easier if there was a one-click button for this. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the clarification! What you and Rob are describing was actually a really old bug we finally needed to fix to create our Promotions feature.

      All four Search Results views (Details, List, Thumb, Text) should function the same way and give the same information. If I’m in a seller’s port, I expect to only see the items they have for sale. When browsing by seller on the checkoutmycards Thumb and Text views, the item hyperlinks and popups incorrectly direct to the items from all sellers.

      • This bug is a feature, if you catch my drift. When reviewing port sales, I can’t identify on-site inventory easily without this hover-over.

  5. I agree with Joel. This is a useful feature, not a bug. There are 5.6 million cards on the site. There are 1.6 million unique listings. I’d rather scrap the # the seller has in stock entirely, and only see the total number on the site, rather than the other way around.

    One of the big advantages of your site vs a site like eBay is that a buyer doesn’t have to search all over the site to see if they’re getting the best deal. If there are 10 copies of a card for sale, they can see all 10 at the same time. If there’s only one copy on the site, they can see that right then and there, and make an informed decision..

    During the Black Friday Weekend Promotional Sales, There were over 700 different sellers holding 700 different sales on several million cards. I didn’t look at individual sellers at all. I just looked at the whole site. I assumed this is the direction that the site is going – where the Promotional Sale feature is available to all sellers at all times and the prices speak for themselves, regardless of who is selling the item. If so, bring it on and don’t let me delay you.

    But the old “bug” is still a useful feature. Say I have 1,000 cards for sale and I want to make sure each card is the cheapest one on the site. At present, I can hover my mouse over my listings in text mode and figure that out in a few minutes. It would be even better if I could simply filter my cards by “Only Cards That Are Not The Cheapest On The Site”, or if I could filter a seller search by “Only Cards That Are The Cheapest On The Site”, but there seems to be some philosophical reluctance to make that functionality available.

    While we’re on the subject, it would be nice if there was some way for the percentage off guide sort in “Advanced Reseller Mode” was based on the nominal price, rather than the price with handling added. As it is, a $50 card at 90% off will show up 100 pages earlier than a $3 card at 93% off. If it can’t be helped, then that’s progress. But it would be nice to have that functionality back. Thanks!

    • I agree with Joel and Check Out My Deals. Your bug was one of the most useful features of the old site. As I stated in my original post, I am staying on the old site until it is shut down mainly for this feature. I understand the loss of book prices on the new site but can’t see why a feature as useful as this one can’t be offered.

  6. Or expanded. It would be really nice to be able to filter a search by the number of cards on the site, or whether a seller’s cards are the lowest.

    One of the really awesome features about the new site is the ability to filter just memorabilia cards, or just autograph cards, or to search for a specific team. More filters would be great – price ranges, percent off guide ranges, year ranges (defined by user), etc.

    By the way, I really like the Promotional Sales feature, and I’m glad you’re working on a permanent version. Also, the “Partial Port Sale” feature sounds like it could be a big hit as well. The Canada expansion could lead to some great things, and I’m really looking forward to you branching out into comics and other collectibles.

  7. I like the earlier idea of displaying the site qty instead of the seller qty in the far right column when you are on the page of an individual seller. If you really want to see how many the seller has, then you simply hover over the card # which displays the “2 from $8.00” text. Ideally, the site qty would be a hyper link that would take you to the multi-card page.

    • When I look at port sales, it would save me even more time if the site quantity were on the page, and the hover had just that seller’s quantity. I hadn’t thought of that.

  8. So when phasing out the old site we will no longer be able to see book prices, I can live with that. I no we can see them if we pay. Problem being I use the Beckett OPG already and would hate to pay twice is there any talk of a possible link so that if you subscribe to Becketts OPG you can see the prices here as well?

  9. I give COMC an B+ grade for 2012. I admit mid year it might not have been that high but between the improvements to fee structure, link to Amazon that actually works, better communication and site options this is clearly a site on the rise and stomping the ^&%^&%& out of the competition. While others worry about broken promises, site glitches, who has access to what and other nonsense, this site is opening it’s doors to collectors, part time dealers and full time retailers and making it work for everyone. While some places used barriers of entry, outrageous monthly fees and out of touch prices for years to keep competition to a minimum, COMC has shown that a true free market can not only survive but thrive. Good job finishing 2012 strong, and looking forward to continue to ride the wave into 2013.

  10. Hello. Quick question for you guys. I’ve noticed that buying cards on the site has been made easier for the buyer, with the use of a one time s/h fee. I just wonder if there are any plans to make selling easier? Right now we pay a fee to send the card in, then another fee for storage, then when we want the money we pay another one. Thats 3 fees if the card is priced over $.75. Wondering if theres any talk of getting that down to 1 fee or even 2 would be helpful. I understand that giving service away is not an option, but I do no the fees that paypal charges for sending money to another paypal account and COMC’s fees are much higher. I would think sending someone out a check would even be less. I understand that a person needs to print the checks put them in a envolope and send them but this can not cost what you guys are charging. I also understand that you charge this fee to discourge taking money away from the site, understand this money never really leaves the site though, I would say 90% of the money taking out is used in the hobby. Meaning that at some point you will see more cards. I really don’t see your average seller taking the money and paying the rent. Just some suggestions to motivate more selling on the site and making COMC a one stop shop for all your sports cards needs. Can you imagine if you could find every card on here. We could say bye bye to Beckett and there slow website. At that point you guys could charge for real time pricing. Thanks for listening to my rant.

    • As a seller, I don’t know how it could be much easier, unless they:
      1) priced the cards for me too
      2) had a more complex auto-accept algorithm
      3) had a more robust (and Mac-capable) bulk price editor
      It’s pretty easy already, I have to admit. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to guess how others spend their cashout money. Judging by the port sales, I think people are paying their rent sometimes.

      • Thanks Joel:
        Selling on the site is pretty easy I agree, but then again so was buying before the new changes. I should have been more clear. What I was trying to say is COMC took a service like paying shipping when your done shopping and modifed it to make it idiot proof. I was just looking for some kick backs for the seller. On the rent thing your right I should be more fair. I guess from my view, if I needed house money. Odds are I wouldn’t have the money to send cards in and let alone wait for them to be processed then sell. My grace period at the bank is less time then that.

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