Holiday Info, Phasing Out Old Site, Canada Opening

Happy Holidays!  There is a lot of exciting information to share with you regarding the holidays, phasing out our old site, and the opening of our Canadian warehouse!

Holiday Shipping Schedule

In order to get your orders by Christmas, make sure you choose the following shipping options and place your orders by the following corresponding dates:

Priority – order by 11:59 p.m. PST 12/19

Express – order by 1 p.m.  PST 12/21

THIS IS THE LAST 24 HOURS TO ORDER PRIORITY AND GET IT BY CHRISTMAS!  There are still a couple more days to order Express shipping.

Holiday Shipping Special

Now through the end of 2012, order 12 or more items on only and receive free shipping! This promotion is not available on and is only available on in Simplified Shipping Mode, not in Advanced Reselling Mode.

Holiday Customer Service Hours

Customer Service will be closed (phones will be off) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Upcoming Features

There are a number of exciting features currently being developed that will be released very soon: Promotions, Port Sales & Partial Port Sales through the new Promotion mechanisms, and Featured Items.  Just wanted to give you a heads up, but you will hear and see more very soon.

Phasing Out the Old Site

As we are building upon, we anticipate many of our upcoming new offerings, such as comics, coins, etc., will prevent us from hosting two compatible websites simultaneously: the old site and the new site.  Already, the old architecture is holding us back.  We need to start migrating off of it, so we can enable things for the future.  Starting January 1, in order to get to the old site you will be required to log in.  Any anonymous user will only see  As replacements become available on, we will be removing more and more features from the old site and eventually replace it completely.   More details will be announced.

New Canadian Office

We signed a lease and moved into our new office!  We apologize that website features have been taking longer than expected because we had a very aggressive timeframe for opening the Canadian office, which unfortunately took longer than predicted.  The good news is that business has begun at the new location, and we are able to send and receive payments in Canadian funds.  Over the weekend, the exchange rate was 1-to-1.  So to our Canadian customers, please send your items and Canadian checks/money orders to our new Canadian warehouse!  The only service we are currently supporting at this location is the one month service.  We will announce the address shortly.  In the meantime, please continue sending items to the PO Box:

4311 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 1J3

We are thrilled to end 2012 with so much promise for 2013.  Best wishes and Happy New Year.