Countdown to 10,000,000 Contest!

We’ve just gone blazing past item 9500000 in our database and we’re closing in fast on ten million items identified!  How can you get in on the excitement?  By participating in our contest, of course.  You can either successfully guess the day we upload the 10,000,000th item, or you can be the one to submit it for consignment.  Here are the rules: 10,000,000th Item Contest

Write a comment to this blog post BY DECEMBER 28th guessing the date that our 10,000,000th item is uploaded onto the site, what category it will be, and what brand.  You don’t have to guess the day it goes up for sale, just the day it gets deposited into the seller’s account.  Make sure to include your COMC username so you can be eligible for the prize!
“Categories” for the purposes of this contest are: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Other Sports, Non-Sports, and Gaming

Account: “Jester”
Guess: January 6th, 2013; Non-Sports; Marvel
(this is probably a bad guess by the way, since we don’t usually deposit cards on a Sunday)

We’ll pick the winner by first seeing how many people had the correct date, and then using category and brand as subsequent tie-breakers.  If two or more people tie on all three picks, we’ll decide the winner randomly between them. One entry per household, and staff aren’t eligible (that wouldn’t really be fair since we’re the ones doing the uploading).

PRIZE: The winning guesser will receive $100 in COMC store credit!  What’s more, we’ll also discount the processing fee for the consignment batch with the 10,000,000th card by up to $100 (batches with a consignment fee of less than $100 will be refunded the full cost of their processing).

Fine print: Again, one entry per household (although the same person could conceivably win both halves of the contest by submitting the 10,000,000th card and successfully guessing the upload date).  To enter the guessing contest you need to post your guess as a comment to this blog post and not to any other post or to Facebook or Twitter.  Entries must be posted as comments to this blog post by no later than 11:59PM PST on Friday December 28th to be eligible and must include your COMC username.  The $100 processing discount for the batch with the 10,000,000th item is only awardable if you agree to sell us the card for reasonable market value.  These rules are subject to change if we realize we forgot something or if there’s some kind of loophole we missed. 

Thanks, and good luck!

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