Cyber Monday – $10 COMC Gift Certificates and More!

It’s Cyber Monday!  There are five things that make this Cyber Monday great.

  1. COMC Cyber Monday Special – To cap off our “Perfect 10 Weekend” we are giving away $10 gift certificates for  All you have to do is buy $100 of store credit or spend $100 with the new “Pay with Amazon” checkout option, and you will receive a $10 COMC gift certificate!  For every additional $100 you spend after the first $100, we will give you a $5 gift certificate.
  2. Cyber Monday Promotions – It should be easy to find $100 to spend, as Sellers are slashing prices for the final day of our Black Friday Weekend Specials with great Cyber Monday deals!
  3. New Feature Announced – You may have noticed we mentioned something we previously have not offered…Gift Certificates!  We are announcing our new gift certificate feature, which will be released early December in time for the holidays.  In the next week or so, you will be able to buy COMC gift certificates yourself.  More information to come.
  4. Extended Customer Service Hours – Cyber Monday, Customer Service hours will be 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. PST.
  5. New Pay with Amazon – We want to encourage people to use the new Pay with Amazon feature.  It is so easy!  Here are some screen shots of the checkout process below.

Find the card you want, Add to Cart…

Under Payment Options, select “Pay with Amazon”…

Enter your login info for your existing Amazon account…

Make sure you select the correct Shipping and Payment info.  Then review your order and click “Place Order.”

Then you’re done! You can even click “Continue Shopping” to take you back to It’s that simple!

Happy Cyber Monday!  Happy Holidays!

18 thoughts on “Cyber Monday – $10 COMC Gift Certificates and More!

  1. Hi Guys – you continue to impress with all of your innovations
    So – will the gift certificates be deposited into our accounts or will they be sent to us?
    Does each transaction need to be $100 or will you figure it out on multiples of $100?


  2. Thank goodness! Our business dumped Ebay years ago because we refused to agree to the Scampal terms of service. The only time we have used it in the last 4 years was to send you guys money. Thanks to you guys allowing Amazon Payments (a service we LOVE) we will never have to use Scampal for anything again.

    • The cards that i bought and had shipped from black friday arrived today here in Pittsburgh…….Quite amazing

      • Lucky you. I’ve been waiting for shipment notification since Nov.26. And then it’ll be at least 3 weeks for them to get here. Apparently they go to Pomona CA first!

    • Hi, TripleA. We’re sill working with Amazon to get them to allow us to use Amazon Checkouts for store credit purchases – they currently require purchases to be of physical trackable items so for now we can only offer Amazon Checkout for folks who want to buy items and have them shipped. We definitely want to be able to offer store credit that way, though, and we’re still trying to work with them to implement it.

  3. From your pictures it looks like checking out with Amazon means paying sales tax. I think that is going to be a HUGE drawback for high priced transactions, such as your example where one would have to pay an additional $34 for checking out on Amazon.

  4. Have you decided when the last day of CHECKOUTMYCARDS.COM will be? And have you thought about sending it off with a bang with maybe a discount shipping special or something like that?

    • Yes a shipping special only for the other site would be nice. Like for the bulk shipping. Maybe only like $0.10 per card or $0.05 off. Just something the make people clear up there shipments. It would clear a lot of space!! Or half off would be super sweet.

  5. Really you cant make offers on the cards on sale? lol I put a card in my cart and was going to send a offer on it and the only way to send a offer is on the original price! Well even if I made a offer on the original price it would still be more then what its on sale for, which is still more then I would pay, because they had it way over priced to begin with. Also when will we get our $10 credit? I just loaded more money on my acct to go buy some cards, but if I cant make any offers I guess it was a waste of time to load money. Just thought I could nab some stuff since stuff was on sale. Had a lot of things on my wanted list that were way over priced and now they are finally getting close to reasonable so I could make some offers and not over pay buy 5 times what the card is worth, but cant make offers. Swing and a miss.

    • Hello That Guy.
      The bonus credits will be sent out soon to anyone who leaves the purchased credit in their account (anyone who adds $100 but then requests a refund won’t be eligible). The ‘Make an Offer’ system was independant of the Sale system since offers are static but sales are fluid. We didn’t want someone to start receiving a flood of 25% offers due to running a 50%-off Sale.

  6. I have to congratulate you guys on this weekend. True enough there were some glitches but you managed to get them fixed and sales were terrific. I looked in on my friends over on Beckett and to the surprise of nobody, dealers there are still screaming about the same site errors that seem to happen year after year without fix. COMC has once and for all stamped their place at the top of the cybersportscard chain. Of all the things I am thankful for this year , one of the biggest it is that COMC gave my business the platform to escape the mess on Beckett. With a fraction of the items listed here as we had there our sales are just as strong….and without the headaches!!

  7. I hope COMC will be able to use Amazon store credit and apply it to COMC store credit. I have a lot of Amazon gift money that I don’t plan on using and I’d love to be able to apply it to here!

  8. Just redeemed my 10$ gift card as store credit. AWESOME! How about setting up some kind of rewards program like Sears and others, where you can get points for every dollar spent, say a penny or so on the dollar and redeem for store credit. Of course, it should only apply to dollars SPENT, not store credit added to your account. BRILLIANT! (don’t ya think?).

  9. I’m curious about this “Pay with Amazon” feature. Does that mean that a seller loses 20% even when someone is shopping on COMC if the buyer pays with Amazon? If so, that kind of sucks! Most of my sales on Monday were offers from Amazon so it raised a flag. On the other hand my promotion was greater than the 20% ding from Amazon so I probably came out ahead on my meager sales on Monday, but on normal days it seems like the sellers are the ones that get screwed. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this.


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