Disabling Port Sales Until After Cyber Monday

We have tracked down some of the root causes of the performance issues while the site is under heavy load. Unfortunately large port purchases need to lock the entire site for too long. We will not be approving any Port Sale classified ads until Tuesday.

None of our Black Friday Weekend promotions apply to Port Sales anyhow. Sorry for the inconvenience. We recommend running Promotions this weekend instead of trying to do any Port Sales.

5 thoughts on “Disabling Port Sales Until After Cyber Monday

  1. For those who do port sales this is a blessing in disguise. You’ve got all this money flowing to sellers, and nothing to spend it on. Tuesday should be a good day, with lots of competition.

  2. Just a quick question which may or may not be related to site slowness, the bulk editor is turned off or doesn’t work w/the new site? I tried to get in earlier to lower more prices which would lower my sales prices and I kept getting kicked out. I only have a port of about 600 cards so it’s not that bad, but changing individually is very time consuming.
    good job overall this weekend with all the issues that popped up, seems to be getting better each year. I can’t wait to see all those quarters coming back my way.

    • My understanding is bulk editor access was turned off because of the effect it has on site speed. I thought it was only down for Friday, but maybe it will be for the whole four-day weekend.

    • Hi, sometimemountaintimecards. We did turn off the bulk price editor this weekend for the same reason that we disabled port sales (the two features actually function almost exactly the same) – both tie up the website’s resources and we’re experiencing exponentially higher traffic so we’ve got the processing power to either serve search + purchase requests from visitors or to do port sales / bulk updates, but not both. The BPE and port sales will be live again on Tuesday.
      Thanks for your understanding,

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