EXTENDING “Get Paid To Buy”; Clarification: Specials NOT on www.CheckOutMyCards.com

More good news!  Technical issues should be fixed, and we should now be running at full capacity!  In light of the technical difficulties, we are EXTENDING the “Get Paid to Buy” Special through tomorrow, Saturday, November 24th.

For this Special, we will pay you 10 cents store credit for every item you purchase & ship from COMC.com.

Weekend Specials are on www.COMC.com ONLY and NOT on Check Out My Cards.com

Please keep in mind that all Black Friday Weekend Specials only apply to www.COMC.com and do NOT apply to Check Out My Cards.com, as they were designed for the functionality of Check Out My Cards.com and do not fit with http://www.COMC.com.  Also, we are in the process of retiring Check Out My Cards.com and want to encourage you to try out http://www.COMC.com if you haven’t already!  We hope you will grow to love your experience on http://www.COMC.com as you have on Check Out My Cards.com.  We are investing a lot to give you many new reasons to love http://www.COMC.com.  If you have been confused regarding the Black Friday Weekend Specials, please contact Customer Relations: staff@comc.com, 1-800-517-3540. Here are our Extended Customer Service Hours.  We want to go the extra mile to ensure you are a happy customer.

We regret any inconvenience you’ve had purchasing today!  Not only has our system been taxed, but also the systems of a few vendors we rely on, like PayPal.

Hopefully, extending the Special will make things a bit sweeter and offering some clarification will make things more understandable.  We hope that erring on the side of getting you new features and specials as quickly as possible pays off more often than it does not.  We appreciate you working with us as we refine the experience for you.

Thank you,

The COMC Team

38 thoughts on “EXTENDING “Get Paid To Buy”; Clarification: Specials NOT on www.CheckOutMyCards.com

  1. Once you get all the analytics figured out, check out whether you’d let sellers subsidize the “get paid to buy” promotion in the future. It is a good way to build some loyalty among my buyers 🙂

  2. I just placed an order about 15 min ago and didn’t get my 10 cents credit per card… How do I get it?

  3. Thanks kindly but still a bit sluggish especially in the purchase now window and make an offer window but I’ll keep chugging along!

  4. Hi. Love the activity. Wonder why folks can’t be as active more. One thing about the COMC site is that it does not show the book values. I have a Beckett membership and would hope that you could link that to your site so I don’t have to request the 30-day free trial or even have to login again. Let me know if there is a way to get around that. Thanks.

    • We definitely want to offer more than the current functionality with Beckett prices. We are working with Beckett and will release something soon. Thanks!

  5. Thanks very much for extending the offer. It is greatly appreciated, but I don’t know if my wife will feel the same way. Haha. Also, I don’t know that I have read it anywhere, but when will the 10 cent credits for buying post to our accounts? Thanks again for the extension.

  6. is the free shipping offer being extended as well? If not, what time dowe have to elect to have the cards shipped by before losing the free shipping option?

  7. Appreciate the gesture. Having a problem at the moment from the manage inventory page. When trying to search for a single card, the site times out and the error page comes up. Been trying to replace cards that have been sold for over an hr, and can’t get to anything. Hopefully someone can check into that, thanks!

      • Still not working Julia. Hopefully it will get fixed as I can’t get more cards up to sell, and they have been! Glad you guys are doing the extension, and just read you are doing maintenance overnight.

      • Hi, Daniel, we still trying to figure out what the issue is. In the meantime, you can search for these item numbers on the search bar on the main webpage, then you can manage your prices from there:

        Hope that helps!

  8. The pages are now not showing the card pictures for me when in a specific card page from all sellers

  9. I had all my issues today on COMC but CheckOutMyCards worked fine so I completed all my transactions on this website on Black Friday. Will I miss out on the specials as I was also not aware we had to use COMC in order to recieve these specials. Also If I accepted sales offers on CheckOutMyCards does that mean I don’t get the special 25 cent credit for each card sold?

    I know your saying goodbye to CheckOutMyCards.Com but I still find it a lot more friendly user then COMC and layed out better, and I know your still working out the kinks, But ever think of submitting a survey to Buyers and Sellers to see which one they prefer before eliminating it?


    • Hi, Reno_Sportscards.
      Again, we apologize for the site issues yesterday. We’re extending the $0.10/card rebate offer by a day if you still have any buying to do. Let our CS team know how many cards you purchased+shipped from checkoutmycards.com yesterday and we can make sure you still get the $0.10/card rebate for those as you would have if purchasing and shipping from COMC.com.
      The $0.25 ‘restocking credit’ will apply to any card bought on COMC.com through a Sale promotion. Offers and counteroffers, no matter what site they go through, go outside the Sale system – it’s a safeguard because we didn’t want a situation where someone ran a 50% sale and got a 50% offer off of the already-discounted sale price.
      I think a site survey is a really good idea for improving user experience. We knew we wouldn’t nail it with the first version and that’s why we’re still updating and trying to make it better for everyone.
      Thanks very much,

      • Jeremy,

        Thanks for the Update. I purchased 74 cards yesterday and had them ship as well through COMC which I paid shipping for, Can you guys re-imburse for those as well? Whats the best way to get this info straight to the CS Team?

        All cards I purchased today and going forward are done on COMC.com


      • I am all for the survey.i Do not like the new site at all and i have spent a zillion hours on there and always find my way back to the old one,I love the old site.Either way you guys did a great job these past few days.

  10. I contacted you guys earlier about my shipping. I didn’t know COMC was different from Check Out My Cards because I always seemed to end up back at the old site. Should I just pay the shipping? I enjoyed the program though! One other thing my shipping charge is $10.50 and I noticed that custom amounts are only offered in $10.00 increases so do I have to take out 20 and purchase more items. Also I guess the ten cent per card credit isn’t valid either because I bought off the wrong site. Thats my 18.00 mistake. I appreciate all your your help and I can not wait to try this again. Thanks Dave

  11. I wasn’t going to take part in any of the deal for this whole black Friday stuff. Until I seen about the sellers having sales. I thought about using the site after all. But you can make a offer on a sale priced card? Is that right? And now sales have ended on some and other have lowered there sale % off. And the site was well all but working and a pain to try and look at anything. So your extending the deals for today but the sellers are all ending there sales and if still running them they are not as good of deals. Just all seems like a huge bust. I was going to buy some stuff but I guess not. Might be a better idea to do a little more planning and maybe retry the whole sales and promos, again. I’m just really losing interest in anything to do with the COMC period. I don’t know what im getting at here really but everything just seems to be going down hill on my end. But whatever. I just got sick of waiting 2-3 minutes for everything I clicked on to load, so I just gave up. Maybe fix everything and try a whole new deal in a week or 2. But this whole deal just went bust with me. Maybe it was just me……

    • Some people are so ungrateful…..they have bent over backwards for us. They didn.t owe us these specials.

      • You could look at it that way. You could also look at it as if I didn’t get to use the deals because the site wouldn’t work or worked but to the point where it was taking minutes to look at 1 card, then how good were the deals to me? You are right though, they owe me nothing. Except the cards I bought. But am also will to buy a lot more cards which is good for business. And if you want business you tend to list to customers and hear there concerns. Because without buyers, there is no COMC. You can have all the deals you want and have as many sellers as you can, but if no one buys. Game over. But im just one guy, if I don’t buy its not going to hurt much. Although I do buy a player that most people don’t want! I am about 90% of the market for the person I collect but hey again im just one guy. But back to the real point. Why give me a deal I cant use? And then when I can use it the deals are gone. Thats kinda what im getting at.

  12. Jason, If something goes awry COMC always makes good.They are very customer oriented.I may not agree with their changes as I believe they are killing the vintage on this site(and i am losing interest selling here)but they do listen,are well run and truly care.

  13. My early vote for websites…
    Checkoutmycards.com by a mile!
    I have tried and tried to get comfortable using COMC but I just can’t seem to. I feel like with Checkoutmycards.com I can search and and get just the right amount of information in a nice layout and it’s fast.

    Everytime I visit COMC.com I just feel like I’m visiting a Walmart website or something. The colors feel cold and generic and uninviting. The buttons on Comc don’t seem really easy to distinguish or friendly. The links are hard to distinguish from regular text thus important information and search options can be missed out on.

    While Checkoutmycards isn’t perfect it just seems more like a fun hobby site then a BUY! BUY! BUY! NOW! site.

    I know you guys have put a ton of effort into the new site and I applaud you for that and hopefully in the future I will be as happy with the new site as I am with the old familiar site.

    3 final points
    1. The promotional sale layout for cards on COMC is SOOOOOOO confusing on how to navigate by seller or specific sets. Borderline frustrating. I click on promotions and instead of wanting to understand what I’m bombarded with…….Id rather hide under my desk. I’m inundated with random cards with % off and time remaining……….WHOA how did i just arrive at ebay???? For me this is not user friendly and I’d rather quickly close the window and go back to Checkoutmycards where I can understand the pages I arrive at. I would have appreciated a quick explanation about the promotion and how to navigate it. Even though i’ve read the blog and understand it for the most part, the page seems a bit scattered and more like a choose your own adventure story? If I click this card image……..where will I end up?

    2, One thing I would change on Checkoutmycards.com is change the (Turn Over, Share, Wrong and Add to Watch list) button layout when viewing zoomed in cards using Mobile devices so that it’s not right in the middle of the card. Seems like it’s just floating there instead of attached to the page. I’d rather see it at the top of the card like you see on desktop machines when viewing it. I use an Iphone to view the site 80% of the time. When I tap on a card to zoom in and i get that button bar It’s not where I would expect it to be.

    3. I really really would love a [NEXT PAGE] button when managing my cards. Currently I have, individual page numbers such as 1,2,3,4 etc, along with (…) which I think is show next 10 pages and LAST PAGE are my options. So going through each page and having to click on each page number and then click the … to get to page 11 once I get done with page 10. This also forces you to click in different spots every time and is very annoying especially on a mobile device! I can’t tell you how many times I meant to tap on page 5 and ended up back at page 4 or skipped to page 6. Next page would be sooooo nice.
    {Example of desired buttons}
    () (Last Page) (Skip to page [ ])

    • Should have read….
      {Example of desired buttons}
      Previous Page (Last Page) (Skip to page [ ])

      For some reason brackets around Previous Page failed to display………hmmm.

      • Sure Wish I could edit a post… Apparently round brackets are messing up when posting here.
        Previous Page, Next Page, Last Page and Skip to Page [ ]
        That’s what should have showed up

  14. If I was going to “vent” about anything it is the neverending practice of the same group of sellers who jack up their prices and then advertise an auto accept sale. Same thing has happened with the weekend promotions. I guess it must work on those buyers who don’t know any better because sellers keep doing it but it does make searching for true bargains a bit more time consuming than I’d like it to be.

    • Or the sellers that have card that book say $20 and the price the card for $30 and the card will never sell for more then 5. So even if you sent a half off offer its still 3x what the card is worth. lol
      Also the sellers that pretty much reject any offer you send them. Or they send you a counter offer for like a couple cents less then they are asking. Or if you send a offer they reject it and the double there asking price or more! If you don’t like my offer thats fine, but doing these types of things is just dumb if you ask me. Because if it something I want and you wont take my offer maybe later I just come back and buy it once I cant find it for cheaper. But you lose that once you do one of these little dumb moves. I make notes and look back at that!

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