Check out our Black Friday Special Ads!

Hello!  Black Friday is this week, and more than 650 of our sellers have their sales live NOW! We’ve briefly touched on how our new Sale Ad feature works in previous posts, but our CEO Tim has made a video explaining how to use these ads in greater detail (along with some tips and tricks):

So far, we’ve been getting great feedback about this and our other new features.  Thanks, you guys!  Please let us know how these ads are working for you!

16 thoughts on “Check out our Black Friday Special Ads!

  1. – Great informative video!…
    -…Great ad campaign!…
    – …And better yet, What a Sweet Concept!
    – Looking forward to this promotion as a Win / Win for all!!!
    – I got the ad card in the mail earlier this week, and there is a huge “BUZZ” all over the web.
    – This weekend looks to be a Blast as a Seller and as a Buyer!
    – Happy Holidays to all at COMC!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of banner ads on other sites. This should quell discontent about not enough publicity 🙂

  3. Already know several of my local customers will be visiting COMC over the weekend. Going to be a great time to fill some needs for my local customers and sell some inventory already listed.

  4. Looks great! I think this will work out well. I like the “sale promotion” feature better than the current system where the same couple dozen dealers run the same classified ads and you have to remember which dealer accepts which discount.

    If this becomes a permanent feature, I would suggest that the “Shipping & Handling” charge (usually 25 cents) could be applicable to processing fees in the event that the buyer decides to keep the card on the site.

    I wouldn’t mind a system where buyers / sellers could build up “credits” in an account which could be applied either for shipping and handling, or for processing. Also, I would like to see the “credits” applied to any card being shipped. So if I want to ship 10 cards, I use 10 shipping credits, regardless of which cards I purchased to get the credits. Or I could use those same 10 credits to process 10 cards with standard processing.

    You might also consider a system where a person with an abundance of credits could sell them back to COMC for a discount (say, 20 cents per). That way, a pure flipper who builds up 10,000 credits might be able to turn them back into cash. Or you could make it so that a person who has a certain number of credits in their account (say, 200) doesn’t have to pay the 25 cent surcharge to acquire more credits if they opt out.

    • I am on COMC and can only buy cards at listed price and not make offers during this sale? Is this right?

      • You can make offers. The offers are off of the original price, so if someone normally chooses to only receive offers of 30% off and they’re running a 30% off sale, the system wouldn’t let them make an offer, but if the sale is 10% off original prices and they make a 30% offer, the seller can view and respond. Hope that clarifies things!

  5. Purchased and shipped 31 cards but see no increase in store credit? 3.10 for 31 cards.

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