Say Hi to Steve in Chicago

Steve Hollander

Steve Hollander

This weekend Steve Hollander will be at the Chicago Sun Times. Stop by our booth and say hello. Steve will not be accepting submissions, but please take the opportunity to ask questions and learn about all the new stuff we are working on. Here are just a few of the things in the works: Black Friday Promotions, Grading & Condition Reviews, Referral Program, Beta Test (Comics, Coins, Memorabilia…), Canadian Warehouse, Drop-off/Pick-up Programs, Kiosks, The Vault…

November 16-18, 2012
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018

Show Hours
Friday November 16: VIP 4:00pm-9:00pm General Admission 4:30pm-9:00pm
Saturday November 17: VIP 9:00am-5:00pm General Admission 9:30am-5:00pm
Sunday November 18: VIP 9:30am-4:00pm General Admission 10:00am-4:00pm

11 thoughts on “Say Hi to Steve in Chicago

    • Is there a specific show in the area that you would like us to attend? We don’t currently have anything on our schedule to visit Milwaukee.

      • Naw! i just stay right outside of milwaukee and would love to see u guys and talk some business but maybe something will come up and i can shoot you a e-mail if i hear of any worthy shows

    • How can we get more of those referral cards? I send them to my eBay buyers, when I have them.

      • Hi, Joel. Just email our Customer Relations team and they’ll mail you a stack. Thanks!

  1. Rbicru7, DasCardHaus and I have returned safely home to St. Louis, and we just wanted to take a moment to thank COMC for sending Steve to the Chicago Sun-Times show. Steve was able to answer questions for us about the Vault and Kiosk programs and we remain very excited about the opportunities for growth this site provides! It’s always a pleasure to see Steve and we look forward to the next time we’ll see him on the road again!! Sincerely, Affordablecards

  2. Sorry if this is not the place for this question, but what is COMC’s policy regarding cards that were once part of a perforated sheet (I.e., Hoops Night, Stadium giveaway sheets)? Thank you in advance.

  3. Buyer question. Can I load my shopping cart now and purchase it on Black Friday. Or will I need to empty it and reload it on Black Friday to get the specials? Thank You Love the site been buying here for a year now but am now confused on the Is this a new site it says beta. Do I have to order on that site or is it just interchangeable with

    • Loading your shopping cart now is a great idea. Make sure that you do it from When Black Friday comes, you can go ahead and purchase the items to get the discounts, free shipping, and the $0.10/item kickback. will soon be the replacement for It says beta because we are currently doing a TON of new features, and the site is often updated multiple times per week. Both websites currently list the same items, but integrates the per-item cost of shipping and offers ways to get free shipping. Added support for Comics, Coins, and Memorabilia will only be offered on

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