New Referral Program! Black Friday Specials & Canada Update

Julia & Tim w/ Warren Moon

Hello, Julia Getsch here!  You may remember me as Business Manager and Co-Founder from the early years of CheckOutMyCards.  I am happy to announce that I am back at COMC, as Director of Business Development.  I am here to drive business, launch new offerings, and free up Tim’s time to focus on feature implementation.  I look forward to seeing you in the near future at a card show or here online!  I want to announce our upcoming specials that are unprecedented and unmatched.  We are gearing up for the biggest sale of the year!

Item #10,000,000 & “Perfect 10” Black Friday Special

Today is 10 days from Black Friday, and we are quickly approaching item #10,000,000.  This calls for a “Perfect 10” Black Friday Weekend Special!  What better way than to launch a 10,000,000 Penny Giveaway as a token of our appreciation for our buyers and sellers.  It is our buyers and sellers being a “10” that makes COMC a success. This special will run Black Friday, November 23rd through Cyber Monday, November 26th.

In order to give away 10,000,000 pennies, we are giving 5,000,000 pennies ($50K) in buyer specials and 5,000,000 pennies ($50K) in seller incentives.

Black Friday Weekend – Buyer Incentives

  1. Get Paid to Buy – COMC will pay 10 cents store credit for every item purchased & shipped from* on Black Friday only!
  2. Free Shipping – Just order 10+ items from* and get Free Shipping, Black Friday through Cyber Monday.
  3. Huge Savings – On top of the COMC incentives, hundreds of sellers will be slashing their prices to bring you extraordinary deals!

* Note: and the Advanced Reseller Mode on will direct buyers to the specials and promotions that are only available from the default Simplified Buying Mode.

Black Friday Weekend – Seller Incentives

  1. Restock for Free – For every item sold with a “Sale Promotion” (see below) from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, we will give you $0.25 of FREE processing!  We will send you a processing voucher that can be used on our One Month, One Week, or One Day services.
  2. New Sale Promotions – We are creating a new Classified Ad type that is called a “Sale.”  Starting Friday, we will let you create a “Black Friday Sale” for FREE.  A Sale is not just a Classified Ad; it will actually adjust your visible asking prices so that people browsing the site will see SALE stickers with your lowered prices.  Sales will be very easy to create, you just specify a base discount percentage, and then we let you customize the discount percentage for any of your items.

We want this Black Friday to be the best one yet!  Our goal is to increase sales by 10 times!  We have launched an extensive online and print ad campaign, including Beckett, Facebook, Google, Bing, and more!  We also want to empower you to help us get the word out with our new “10” Referral Program.

$0.10 -> $10.00 Referral Program

Use the new “Share” command, and we will give you $0.10 store credit for each new visitor you send our way.   If s/he creates an account, we will record you as the referrer.  Once s/he spends $100 on either purchasing items or processing items, we will give you $10.00 store credit!

Achieving a “Perfect 10”

There is a lot to strive for this Black Friday Weekend, summed up in our “Perfect 10” Special.

  • We are approaching item #10,000,000
  • We have 10 days until Black Friday
  • We want everyone to rate this Black Friday Weekend a “Perfect 10”
  • We are launching a 10 Million Penny Giveaway
  • We are giving free shipping for buying 10+ items
  • We are giving buyers 10¢ for each item purchased & shipped on Black Friday
  • We have a goal to increase sales by 10 times
  • We are giving you $0.10 for referring a new visitor
  • We are giving you $10 for referring a $100 user

Mark your calendars for this Black Friday to make history with us.

Canada Update

As we previously announced, we are opening a warehouse in Canada!  This is one of the projects I have been working on since my arrival.  We assembled a great team and found an ideal space from which to launch.  Unfortunately, there have been a few more hoops than initially anticipated in order to secure the space for November.  Due to this and our current focus on Black Friday, we won’t be opening the new Canadian warehouse until December.  Nonetheless, we are still on track to process items received for the Canadian Pilot Special by December 31st.  We received a number of submissions at the Vancouver Fanfest and the Toronto Expo.  We are still receiving submissions for the Canadian Pilot Special – postmarked by December 1st.  You can send these submissions to our temporary PO Box:

4311 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 1J3

Shipments must be sent only from Canada and only by Canada Post.