9,000,000 Stats

2010 Topps Series 2 Attax Code Cards #15 - Jon Lester - Courtesy of COMC.com
I just bought item #9,000,000 from bonds0128! We are going to have to do a contest for item #10,000,000. Leave a comment with your suggestion for a contest.

I also noticed that we recently crossed 250 million total page views over the past 5 years. Wow! A quarter of a billion page views… what a ride.

Q3 Stats

Notice the spike in cards added this quarter thanks to the the 5th Anniversary special. We have increased our quarterly processing capacity over the past 4 years from 115K to 1.17M. That is 10x the capacity. Not an easy feat. We have an awesome processing team that just keeps getting better. A special thanks to Jade Aspiras and the Identification Team for many long nights.

It is also good to note that while we have increased our processing capacity by 10x over the past 4 years, the demand on our shipping team has grown by 13x. That is a great sign. It means that the demand from buyers is growing faster than the supply from sellers. Hence sellers are getting better sales rates today than they did 4 years ago.