COMC @ Vancouver Sports & Retro Collectors Show

Things are moving at a blazing pace here at COMC. We have so much exciting news to share that it is hard to keep you up on everything. Here is a quick update with a teaser of more to come.

Card Show This Weekend
COMC will have a booth set up at the Vancouver Sports & Retro Collectors Show this weekend. The show is at the Langley Events Centre Friday October 19th through Sunday October 21st. Stop by and say hello! Our CEO, Tim Getsch, will be available for questions. You WILL be allowed to drop off consignment submissions. Details below.

2010 Playoff National Treasures Timeline Materials Signature Player Name Prime #4 - Warren Moon/5 - Courtesy of
Autograph Guests
Warren Moon
John Garrett
Cliff Ronning
Ryan Kesler
Jack Mcilhargey
Gary Valk
Darcy Rota

Canadian Warehouse
More news about the new Canadian warehouse will be announced shortly, but the quick version is that we are accepting Canadian consignment submissions and job applications.

Submission guidelines for our Canadian Warehouse Pilot Program:
– 20¢ per raw trading or gaming card (No $3 batch fee!)
– 50¢ per graded, encased, or jumbo card as well as any other supported collectibles
– 5,000 card limit per household (Please, no toploaders)
– Cards will be live by December 31st
– $20 first-time seller discount is applicable

Please note we will be accepting submissions only for the pilot Program at this time. All other submissions must be shipped to our Redmond, WA address.

Swing by our booth to pick up the following FREE gifts
– $20 off, first-time seller coupons
– Mouse Pads
– 550ct boxes
– COMC Stickers

As always, thank you for making our service possible. We’re very excited to be visiting Vancouver, and hope to see some of you there!

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  1. If I have 5,000 cards sent to the Canadian address, can I get them processed at the promotional rate, or is this offer only for ComC members that live in Canada?

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