Launch – The Final Countdown

We are on the doorstep of the new – on October 1st the new site goes live! Our teams have been pushing hard and we’re very excited for all the great features and design changes we’re about to launch.

What to expect:
A brand new site experience. Cleaner, more professional, and more intuitive to navigate. New buyer and seller features (and more to be added) and eventually new supported markets such as the coins and comics we are currently accepting through our Beta Test Service.

What to remember:
First, the classic version of our site – the version folks use today – will still be available to continue using until we have worked any kinks out of the new site. We are shooting for somewhere in the next 1-3 months. Just go to check out my cards instead of the new and you can log in to the site exactly as it used to look and feel. The sites aren’t separately run – a sale on COMC is the same as a sale on Check Out My Cards, and an offer from one can be answered from the other – but we don’t want to rush anyone into a site experience they aren’t ready for.

Second, although we’re trying to iron out most bugs before we go live, we may miss a few. We’ll appreciate your patience and input while we chase out the kinks in the system.

We’re very honored by the folks who have come with us on this journey for so long. A lot of you have had accounts since the very early days of the site and we couldn’t have made it this far without you. This change is the new beginning we’ve needed to take COMC to the next level. Thanks for helping to make our vision for the future of collecting a reality.