Last 2 Weeks of 20¢ Processing

A couple weeks ago we announced that due to the overwhelming success of our 5th Anniversary promotion we would have to do a blackout of the 4 week processing service during the month of September. Well, our hiring and training has been successful and we have good news…

We have removed the blackout. For the next two weeks you can submit as much as you want with the old 20¢ processing service, but rather than guaranteeing 4 weeks, we are calling it our “Oct 29th” service. Anything postmarked by September 29th will be processed by October 29th. Please specify “Oct 29th” for this service. You are also welcome to continue using our Next Day, 1 Week, and Special Sized services.

The website has been updated to reflect these updates. Anything postmarked October 1st or later will get our new “One Month” service that starts at $0.25.

What does that extra nickle get you?
The extra $0.05 allows us to do the following.
– Open a Canadian drop-off center with free shipping (the first of many to come)
– More advertising (every single Beckett publication + an online ad campaign)
– Hire trading card experts with more experience
– Get rid of condition note fees
– Remove the $3 batch fee
– Increase free storage from $0.25 to $0.75 (40% storage fee savings for most users)
– Remove the $15/month fee for premium seller options (min offer and auto-accept settings)

With all of these improvements, the old 20¢ service is a steal. Take advantage of it while you can.