Launch Postponed

While developing the many major updates that we have discussed in recent posts, we have decided to make some additional much needed user experience improvements.   Because of the scope of the changes, we felt that it would be best to take another couple weeks to test the site and polish off the changes before launching it to the public.  This will be by far the largest single update we have ever made to the website, so we don’t want rush it or potentially sacrifice any quality.

We will continue to make performance improvements and bug fixes to Check Out My Cards in the meantime.

Sneak Peek @ the National

Those of you attending the National will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new  You can watch demos and test drive the new features.  Please swing by and give us your feedback.

14 thoughts on “ Launch Postponed

  1. This actually impresses me. Rather test and retest before rushing something out than putting it out there, making a mess of things and then scrambling to fix it.
    Proves again COMC blows away other Marketplaces and reaffirms our choice to be here.

  2. Even though we are all much older and more mature and enjoy greater wisdom than before……. discretion continues to dominate valor !!!

  3. Is there a way that you guys can launch the new fee adjustment right away or is it a all or nothing deal?

    • I think it’s 20 minutes of inactivity today. Even an hour would be nice. Or being able to log in with Facebook. I hate typing passwords. Even with Firefox it doesn’t always store it for me.

  4. Saw the test site Saturday at The National and, though I didn’t get to play with it to see how it works, it seems pretty nice on its face. To me, the pluses outweigh the minuses, and that should improve things for buyers and sellers. I like COMC’s plans for the future.

  5. Over the weekend we took a call from an Ebay “recruiter” wanting to know why we had closed our account a few years ago…
    We spent 10 minutes explaining our position regarding the Paypal user agreement and why we wouldn’t ever use it unless that agreement changed. We explained how we’d be happy to use Ebay if Paypal was not required or encouraged the way it was. We told him how our sales have never been better even though our web presence actually shrunk in 2012.
    He listened…and told us… ” You know…your business online lacks credibility without at least some presence on Ebay because most of your buyers would rather buy from you on Ebay”
    I laughed…and before telling him to take us off the Ebay call list and hanging up on him told him that our business has more credibility than ever because we proved we can not only survive but thrive without the use of Ebay.
    What is in the water in California?… I doubt there can be any smog left because of the hot air that seems to flow from some of the dealers We’ve encountered from there and the “great minds ” of SILLY-con valley.
    Thank you COMC for treating your customers and the public with respect. Between you, Amazon and our B&M presence we know we made the right decision. Our buyer came back from the national with 8, 3000 count boxes full of goodies. The next time COMC has a processing special I have a feeling some of this will end up here!

    • WOW! Just when I thought I had seen everything from eVil-bay and corrupt-pal…sounds like that tool was probably a scumbag car salesman prior to calling up folks to bring back business to eBay. Hats off to you and your business for showing them that we as a card community do not need them to survive…far from it. COMC FTW

  6. I have a suggestion. Figure out a way to get better scans of graded cards/encapsulated items. It’s all about presentation and the current scans of these items just aren’t cutting it. I’m not sure how much the cost/time would be to use an alternative method ,but it may be worth it in the long run.

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