5th Anniversary Special + Ad Campaign

Note – This week we are writing a series of blog posts covering several topics.  When assessing the large volume of information that we want to communicate, it made sense not to simply pour it into one extremely large post, but to separate it out into bite-size chunks.  Please consider each section in light of the others, and not as an independent post.  The subjects we’ll be covering are:

1/5 – The Big Picture
2/5 – Design Goals for COMC.com
3/5 – Beta Testing New Markets
4/5 – How to Flip on COMC.com
5/5 – 5th Anniversary Special + Ad Campaign

5th Anniversary Special + Ad Campaign

New Advertising Campaign
CheckOutMyCards.com has grown almost exclusively by word of mouth and organic search results. We only purchased two Beckett ads in our first 5 years. Now we want to get the word out regarding our investment in the new COMC.com, so we recently inked a deal with Beckett to be listed in every single printed publication they have in the next year. This is more than 60 publications. We will have either a full page or a quarter page ad in every single one. All of the most popular publications (Baseball Monthly, Sports Card Monthly, and all of the yearly almanacs) will have full page ads.

We are pursuing many more advertising opportunities as well.  We want everyone to know that COMC is here to help with their collecting and consignment needs.

5th Anniversary Special
To celebrate five years of our innovative consignment service, we are offering a flat rate processing special.

Get whatever fits in a 550ct box processed in 5 weeks for only $55.
– Limit five 550ct boxes per household
– Do not alter the boxes or cram them full – no cards along the sides or lying on top
– Write your username and “5th Anniversary Special” on one end of each box
– Account must have enough funds to cover the $55 processing fee
– Drop off at booth #2440 at the National Sports Collectors Convention
– If mailed, it must be post marked between August 1st and Monday August 6th
– If Condition Notes are needed, those fees will be added to the $55 processing fee

Here is an example of a full 550 ct box:

Here is an example of a box we won’t take:

The second box has extra cards stuffed in along the side and cards lying on top. This is not allowed. It it too easy for the cards to get damaged in transit when doing this.

Free boxes at the National
We’ll have free 550 ct boxes at booth #2440 to give away. You are welcome to use them for the special or for whatever you need.  We’ll have some other goodies to give away as well, so please swing by and say “hi”!

If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or other ideas you would like to discuss with me in person, I will be available all week at the National. You are invited to schedule a half an hour face to face. Simply send an email to timewithtim@comc.com letting us know your availability, and we’ll schedule it.

Thank you for reading such a long series of posts. I hope this has given some valuable insight regarding our motivation and direction. As I mentioned, there is still a lot more to come. I look forward to everyone’s continued engagement in our ongoing conversation.  Your productive feedback helps make the site successful for everyone.

Tim Getsch
COMC Founder & CEO