Magic 2013 Pre-Release Processing Special

In anticipation of the upcoming Pre-Release of Magic 2013, we’ve decided to run a processing special! If you give us 20 Magic: The Gathering cards – any 20 Magic cards (excluding basic lands) – we will process any one item using our 1-week service for FREE.  Mail the item(s) in to us in the same package as the Magic cards, but separated out.  We’re happy to accept any volume of Magic cards for donation, but the maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer (Which would be processed for free if you sent them with 10000 Magic cards you send us). The deadline for this promotion is July 31st, so make sure your submissions are postmarked by then!
Basically if you’ve got some extra Magic cards lying around, this deal gives you One-Week service for the price of postage.  About 1300 Magic cards will fit into a Medium flat-rate box from the Post Office, and they charge $11.35 to ship it.  1300 Magic cards donated will net you 65 cards processed with one week service for $11.35, then, which is the equivalent of $0.13/card (including our normal batch fee).  Not too shabby!  If you use the special to send us oversize cards, the deal gets even better.

To recap:

  • 20 Magic The Gathering Cards = Free 1-week processing for a single item
  • Basic Lands are NOT eligible for this promotion
  • Graded cards and special sized items ARE eligible for free processing with this Promotion
  • The maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer
  • Submissions must be postmarked no later than July 31st to be eligible

Please make sure (especially if you have any Magic cards you want processed using this special) to clearly mark and seperate which cards you wish to give us from those you wish to have processed. Thanks!

30 thoughts on “Magic 2013 Pre-Release Processing Special

  1. So can I mail magic cards in with a comment “donate” on the package with the cards I want submitted for free or do I have to donate cards already loaded to my account?

    • “So can I mail magic cards in with a comment “donate” on the package with the cards I want submitted for free”
      Yes, that’s the idea. Send us one package with the cards divided into two groups: Magic cards for donation, and cards you want processed for free with the special.

      • Sorry you guys are getting so much flack on this I for one plan on taking full advantage. 1 more question though, how should I notate these on the form I fill out detailing the cards I’m sending in? I want the record showing I sent in my cards of course but I don’t want to tie up my store credit. Large batch coming your way as soon as I get an answer. Thanks!

      • Hi, arcaiser. The special is something of an experiment, so we’re not surprised it doesn’t appeal to everyone. I’m glad some folks like you are looking forward to taking advantage of it, though.
        It’s probably easiest for us if you actually don’t use the automatic submission form at all, since you won’t be charged for the cards in the long run. If you include a note with your account name, number of donated cards, and number of cards sent in for the free processing we should be fine. Just make sure to clearly separate the two categories in the box you mail us. Thanks!

  2. whats a basic lands card and can we donate cards that are already in our ports?

    • In Magic, basic lands are Swamps, Islands, Mountains, Forests, and Plains cards. We are only accepting new submissions, and not cards already live on the site.

  3. Not really what I had hoped for in terms of a processing special. If I read this right to get the maximum benefit of 500 cards with free processing you would have to donate 10,000 of these cards at whatever they cost plus the shipping for about 8 flat rate boxes. Might just be me but hard to see much of a deal here.

    I would suspect that the sellers on the site would be far more impressed with a straight forward processing special with no hitches and just a reduced price for processing.

    • If you’re stuck with a bunch of Magic cards, this is a great opportunity. You can fit 10,000 Magic cards and 500 regular cards into four large flat rates. (Magic cards are really thin.)

      • I’m not sure I’d call it a great opportunity. Magic cards have held their value quite well, and there are places that will bulk buy 1,000 commons for around $5-$10. Also, it’s not clear to me where these cards are being donated to. I would be more on board with this promotion if they were being donated to a charity account.

      • My understanding is that they were (so you would get the writeoff), but that’s an important thing to be clarified.

        I’d bulk buy for a penny each myself. 10,000 commons would cost $100, which isn’t bad for 500 1-week processing cards, plus the writeoff for the donated commons.

      • Just to be clear, any Magic cards sent in for this promotion would not be going to charity. We are planning to use them to implement a new way of processing specific to gaming commons, and to make more Magic cards available on the site.

        We’re sorry for the confusion!

      • Interesting… Not sure you guys will get much of a response on this one but good luck.

  4. Stupidest processing deal ever! So I should “donate” 10,000 cards which will cost me $60 or so to ship just so I can get 500 cards processed which is worth about $100 to me since I really couldn’t care less about 1 week processing. So basically I’m getting a $40 credit for my 10,000 Magic cards. No thanks. 10,000 card lots of MTG should get you $100 or more on ebay.

  5. Not interested in this one. We sell common magic in bundles of 100 different for $3 and can’t keep them in stock.

    • Awesome to hear! They’ve definitely got value if you have the right audience. We’re aiming the special more towards sellers who have ended up with a quantity of Magic cards that they don’t have a sales strategy in place for, or for the Magic palyer/collector who has a lot of low-value items taking up space in their closet. If you’re making money with your Magic commons already, by all means we support you. Thanks!

  6. Why don’t you throw a bone to the sports card guys who helped build this place. 500 cards from any one product 1 week turn-around for 20-25 cents. That’s a deal case-breakers could work with.

      • Did you see the picture they posted on Facebook last week? They’re not hurtin for submissions.

      • I don’t think Cousin Jimmy is wrong in feeling the way he does. Maybe they are hurting…maybe not. As long as people are not wanting to put any work in to their businesses COMC will have a Niche. That said the top seller board has certainly taken a nose dive in recent weeks. Due to the fees here COMC has remained option 4 for us….and Ebay isn’t one of the first three. For us it is…well…a place to get rid of duplicate inventory I don’t want our staff wasting time with. So…they’ve got us too…at least partially.

    • Jeremy I may question some things you guys try but I can’t imagine anyone thinking you guys are idiots. For one thing you guys actually react to things and make changes even to your own policies when the results of what you try bear out that something else is needed. Other sites make policy and then stick their heads in the sand and ignore the response.

  7. Joelshitshow, I’m not looking for a free ride here. It takes less work to list cards from the same product and at the same time it would encourage case breakers to sell here because they are getting a deal to send their left-overs here on a 1 week rather than 1 month turn-around. COMC gets fresher inventory and sellers get their product to market, its a win-win.

    • It’s a bit of an open secret that the extra 15 cents to use the 1-week service is the best deal on the Internet. andrew13 is the king of this.

      • A matter of perspective. If COMC is your number one method of selling cards then I would suppose you’d want them on the site as quickly as possible.
        Now… $35 to get 100 cards listed in a week the best deal on the internet? Based on how quickly my staff are able to sort and post cards… I better get alot more than 100 cards up by the time they have earned $35.
        Joel, you catch flack here because you are a chronic defender/cheerleader of just about everything that COMC does. I think if they upped the minimum listing fee to $1 you’d find reason why that would be a good thing.
        I agree with you sometimes, disagree with you others. I admire your passion for this site. Clearly you’ve invested alot of your money and inventory here so seeing negative or critical comments at the venue might with good reason make your neck hair stand up.
        We learned after many years of mail order not to put too many eggs…or get emotionally attached to a venue. They come and they go. They change and evolve. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. We left Ebay when they made Paypal a requirement. We left the Beckett Marketplace after 6 years because they couldn’t get their act together. Over the years for us there was Yahoo Auctions…Bidville…Bidbay…Epier…Ebay and countless others…Now Yardsellr, Amazon…Sportsbuy…Bonanza…Ecrater. We sold our first card online back in 1997. I can’t believe how far the market has come and evolved since then. Some of those sites above closed…others we moved on from. We have always believed our product and service will sell anywhere. A website is just a venue.
        COMC has alot going for it. But based on what our customers tell us…and other opinions around the net…there is some concern that COMC has fee’d itsef out of touch with reality. I have long questioned whether this business model can work long term and just how many cards listed on this site belong to COMC.
        Nothing but respect for the work they do. Top notch quality. Good people top to bottom. And again nothing but respect to you Joel. By all accounts you are as passionate about this hobby and business as we are. Just offering some general and wide ranging food for thought.

      • I don’t use the 1-week service, but I hear great things from those who do. I’m not in a hurry and am happy with the 4-week service myself.

        If I didn’t like COMC, I wouldn’t be here, so it’s kind of disingenuous to say that most of what I say about the site is positive. Keep in mind that negative comments are deleted so an analysis wouldn’t be of all the comments in the blog in any case.

        Don’t worry about speaking your mind. You’re not going to offend me. You do this for a living and have actual staff that you hire and pay, which is fantastic. All those people who hopefully get to do what they love for a living. Good on ya for being able to help them live the dream. As for me, I am one person who works a full-time job. COMC is perfect for me because I don’t have to do anything. It’s certainly not for everyone.

        I also sell through other channels, including on eBay where I have over 9,000 feedback. (I’ve used a different name here, although it doesn’t take a lot of Internet searching to figure out who I am.)

        When I say that the fees aren’t a concern, it’s because buyers drive a channel’s success. Generally speaking, buyers don’t really care what the fees are because they don’t have to pay them, other than shipping fees of course. Sportlots’ fees are high, too, unless you’re a high-volume seller. They have trouble because of the antiquated design, which can cause trust issues. Amateur buyers who don’t spend a lot of time on this stuff no doubt feel secure with the look and feel of this site.

      • Joel,
        First of all I am glad nothing I say offended you as that was not my intent. We have bought and sold from each other several times on the site and I appreciate the business both ways.
        I don’t think we’ve had any comments removed though we try very hard to keep any comments we say here constructive. COMC seems to be receptive to listening to rational thoughts both positive and negative even if they do not act on what is said.
        Sportlots… took one look at it and ran for the hills. As you said looks like pure amateur hour. For folks like yourself this site is a Godsend. The ability to simply ship cards off and have them appear for sale a week or so later is wonderful. Heck one of our customers who is an over the road truck driver is now a part time card dealer too because of COMC. There are alot of positives here. I will be even more giddy if and when coins become available here as that is a HUGE portion of our business.
        I have my concerns regarding some of the costs here. For example…charging our customers $1 to get a better description of a card is shameful. Can you imagine if someone called or emailed you on Ebay about a card you have listed somewhere and telling that buyer that they have to pay $1 just for the comfort of making a purchase…or worse yet paying to get the information needed to NOT purchase? It is situations like that where I don’t want to hear the cost of labor argument from COMC because some things are just a part of the business and keeping customers happy is a big part of that. I will be interested to see how well that flies. Talking to some of our customers…many are not happy with this fee. Scans, especially on vintage do not tell the whole story.
        Sorry to go off on a rant on this. Long night of sorting 1960s fleer football has me woozy. I will keep supporting this site with a portion of my business and applaud them in the areas they excell. To be fair I’ll also give them an earful when they might want to take a second look at something they are doing. In the end we all want this site to be a stable and long term platform for buying and selling and for the most part…the membership here is the best around and that includes everyone that takes time to contribute on these forums.
        Goodnight all.

      • “Keep in mind that negative comments are deleted so an analysis wouldn’t be of all the comments in the blog in any case.”

        We delete posts that are inflammatory or personally attack other users, but if you scan the comments there’s no shortage of posts telling us that we’re all idiots. We figure it’s better to rebut with success than try to scrub away the critics. And of course, occasionally, they’re right and we ARE all idiots. So sometimes it’s helpful, too.

  8. I have a few thousand cards here I’ve accumulated waiting for a deal to come around, but it’s been nearly a year since the last (real) special. Is it ever going to happen?

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