Magic 2013 Pre-Release Processing Special

In anticipation of the upcoming Pre-Release of Magic 2013, we’ve decided to run a processing special! If you give us 20 Magic: The Gathering cards – any 20 Magic cards (excluding basic lands) – we will process any one item using our 1-week service for FREE.  Mail the item(s) in to us in the same package as the Magic cards, but separated out.  We’re happy to accept any volume of Magic cards for donation, but the maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer (Which would be processed for free if you sent them with 10000 Magic cards you send us). The deadline for this promotion is July 31st, so make sure your submissions are postmarked by then!
Basically if you’ve got some extra Magic cards lying around, this deal gives you One-Week service for the price of postage.  About 1300 Magic cards will fit into a Medium flat-rate box from the Post Office, and they charge $11.35 to ship it.  1300 Magic cards donated will net you 65 cards processed with one week service for $11.35, then, which is the equivalent of $0.13/card (including our normal batch fee).  Not too shabby!  If you use the special to send us oversize cards, the deal gets even better.

To recap:

  • 20 Magic The Gathering Cards = Free 1-week processing for a single item
  • Basic Lands are NOT eligible for this promotion
  • Graded cards and special sized items ARE eligible for free processing with this Promotion
  • The maximum amount of cards eligible for free processing will be 500 per customer
  • Submissions must be postmarked no later than July 31st to be eligible

Please make sure (especially if you have any Magic cards you want processed using this special) to clearly mark and seperate which cards you wish to give us from those you wish to have processed. Thanks!