Three Strikes Rule, Site Etiquette, and You

Based on the comments from the previous post, there is a lot of confusion about how our new “Three Strikes” feature works – partially due to what may have been an unclear explanation, as well as a bug that didn’t correctly ignore counteroffers.  Everything is now working correctly, and we’d like to take another stab at explaining how it works.

The 3 strike system is simply a temporary black list of items on which a specific buyer must wait before sending another offer.

Think of it as a friendly reminder for buyers that send a very high amount of offers.  Instead of repeatedly making an offer a seller has already rejected multiple times, we simply limit the number of times a buyer can get an offer rejected.  You get 3 “strikes” for every 90 days for each item.  If the item is sold to another seller, your strike count resets to 0.

Buyers and sellers don’t get strikes.  Only items get strikes, and those strikes are specific to buyer/seller combinations.  Sellers can get offers from hundreds of different buyers on the same item and reject all of them.  When a specific buyer gets 3 offers rejected on the same item in the past 90 days, the buyer must wait before making another offer on that same item.  We have removed all strikes on items predating May 23rd, so everyone will have a “clean slate” going in.

While this feature is more of a tool to help make offers more effective, we still encourage our users to utilize some etiquette when communicating offers.  Some things we would ask user to consider regarding offers include:

  • Think of making an offer as walking into someone’s store or up to their table and asking them to sell you a card at a discount.  How receptive would you be to your own offer?
  • Keep in mind we allow offers up to 50% off asking price.  A “low-ball” offer should be seen as a starting point of negotiation, not as an insult.
  • If you and another user do not reach an agreed upon price for an item, please do not be offended.  Just as in face-to-face negotiations, it happens.

We would also like to thank everyone for so actively contributing to our Blog discussions and Facebook pages.  We’re proud to have one of the friendliest user bases around, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and tell us how we’re doing.  As the site grows and more users are frequenting these areas, we feel it is our responsibility to set up a few guidelines.

Things we cannot allow:

  • Any kind of personal attacks or “callouts” on other users (regardless of prior posts, personal grievances, etc.)
  • Linking to or promoting unaffiliated websites
  • Profanity, slurs, and inflammatory posts
  • Posting personal information (someone else’s or your own)

Posts not abiding by the guidelines we’ve set will be deleted, and anyone who repeatedly ignores them may find they are unfortunately no longer able to contribute to these pages.

Again, we would like to thank each and every one of you for making this community the amazing place it is.  We at COMC want to be proactive in our responsibilities to help keep it that way