PayPal downtime scheduled for Thursday evening

Between 9pm and 11pm Pacific Time on Thursday the 19th PayPal will be temporarily down, upgrading some tech stuff.  During that window PayPal transactions will not be able to be completed.

What will be affected on COMC?
During this two hour window the following things will not work: Store credit purchases by PayPal or credit card; shopping cart purchases with PayPal or credit card.

What will not be affected?
You will still be able to spend store credit as normal on the site – buy cards, flip stuff, request shipments etc.  You’ll be able to add things to your shopping cart and your computer will remember your cart contents, but you won’t be able to purchase the cart until after 11pm Pacific.  You will still be able to request cashouts or refunds just like always.  You will also still be able to email us and tell us how great/awful you think COMC is (though we’ll be going to bed so we won’t write you back until the next day).

The PayPal downtime is only scheduled for two hours, and COMC won’t be down at all.

Customer Service

We’ve recently switched to a new server specifically for customer service, and this morning we discovered that some of our replies weren’t being sent out and some were being caught in “spam” filters upon arrival to the customer’s email inbox.  The issue should be fixed now, but if you’ve emailed us in the last few days and haven’t received a reply please email us again and let us know so we can take care of you, and please also take a look at your spam email folder to see if our reply was mistakenly filtered out.