Vancouver Sports Collectors Show this weekend

This weekend we will be at the Vancouver Sports Collectors Show at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. Stop by our booth and say hello.

Vancouver Sports Collectors Show

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting drop off submissions, but there is some good news for those of you in Canada…

We are starting to lay the groundwork for opening a Canadian warehouse. The timing is still unknown, but we hope to some day have a Canadian address where you can mail items you want to consign with us.

Hiring Canadian Citizens
If you are a Canadian citizen and you have ever dreamt of working for COMC, your dream could soon become a reality. If you have followed us closely, you have probably heard about our recent growth spurt. In the last few months we have hired 15 employees, and we are actively looking to hire many more people.

The primary purpose of this weekend’s trip it to scout out potential warehouse locations and to begin networking with people that might help build our Canadian team. Please swing by our booth and express your interest. Also, please email to let us know you are interested in working for us once we launch a Canadian warehouse.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Sports Collectors Show this weekend

  1. So I’m assuming the Canadian warehouse will work with the US warehouse and Canadian users will still use the same website? I’d love to see more hockey card activity on the site, having more Canadian users will surely accomplish that.

  2. Tim, could you maybe do a detailed blog posting about why certain submitted cards are returned to the submitter and whatever the process might be for submitting cards that are not listed in Beckett’s database, but where the checklists might be available from other sources? Beckett is very short on checklists for recent minor league team sets and international sets, but that covers a lot of what I tend to submit. With the MLB season starting, and a lot of new Japanese players in the league, I submitted several Japanese cards, but some were slated for return, most likely due to checklist/identification issues. Of the 93 cards submitted, 21 were marked for return, though thank fully of the 72 that did make it into the system, 20 have already sold. Thanks, and keep up the great work with the site.

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