COMC Testimonial Contest

We are moving forward aggressively into this new year with new hiring, new business models, and our new domain name: Word-of-mouth referral has always been our number one advertising focus because people trust the praise of a friend. Our amazing community is what has allowed us to grow to this size, and it is our growing community which will propel us into the future. Because of that, we’d like to ask the community to continue to help us in getting the word out.

The Rules: Make a YouTube video three minutes in length or less giving a testimonial about and post a link to that video in the comments here. On Friday the 16th of March the video with the most “likes” will be the winner. That gives you about a month. We don’t want a tidal wave of false praise so we’re not blowing the doors off with a ridiculous prize, but we do want to show appreciation to the winner.

The Prize: The maker of the testimonial with the most “likes”, (not most views) will win $50 in store credit, their video will be highlighted on the front page of for a month, and we’ll interview them and post a special highlight of their COMC seller profile (if applicable).

The Details: One video per account holder please. Staff not eligible. Please refer to us in the video as “” or “COMC”, as part of our goal is to push our rebranding. You can mention that it originally stood for Check Out My Cards, but please don’t make that the focus.

Thanks so much for your support, your constructive criticism, and your belief that together we can make this hobby better for everyone.