Just finished the most insane day ever!

Wow, today was an amazing team effort. Because of the snow last week we have built up the largest backlog of work ever for both shipping order and processing incoming cards.

At the beginning of the day we had about 10,000 cards that were due to be deposited today that hadn’t even been scanned yet. Normally we try to scan the cards at least a week before they are due so that we have time to make sure they get uploaded to the website without having to worry about any hiccups.

The entire team worked together to do what was necessary to deposit every order before it was due and to ship as many cards as possible today. It was quite an amazing feat, and I am so proud of everyone here.

Tomorrow we have 4 new employees starting. They will have our first official new employee orientation. We also have 4 other employees that just started in the last month or so that will be joining them. 7 of these 8 employees will start full-time on our shipping team, and the eighth employee is focusing on our processing team. Our goal is to over staff shipping so that we can offer the fastest service with the highest quality. Any extra resources in our shipping department will help our processing team get ahead.

We still have several job openings available, so please spread the word.
– Order Fulfillment Clerk
– Office Administrator
– Customer Service
– Quality Control Specialist
– Trading Card Identification Specialist
– Coin Identification Specialist
– Software Development Engineer
– Software Test Engineer
– Network Administrator / General IT Person

Our GM is working on the job descriptions. They will be posted here when he finishes them.

16 thoughts on “Just finished the most insane day ever!

    • Or, feel free to be one day late on my 1000 cards due tomorrow to create a defacto .15 cent special. πŸ˜‰

      On a serious note, great job, keep up the great work, and the job creation happening in your company bringing the unemployment rate down.

  1. Congrats…what is the starting salary for these:

    – Quality Control Specialist
    – Trading Card Identification Specialist

  2. Great work boys, boys, boys. Appreciate what I’ve seen from COMC. TheDivaHalleyCards will be celebrating with you all SOON by offering a high quality port for pennies on the dollar. Currently 220-230 cards for a total BV of $2465 average card $10.76. Every card either a GU, AU, or RC over 95% of them of current HOF’ers or star players. Lowest price on my cards more than 80% of the time. Get the best deals before my port sale ad goes live. http://www.checkoutmycards.com/Users/TheDivaHalleyCards,sl when does my port ad go up for approval a diva NEVER tells her secrets. I’m taking reasonable offers Hint 10% of BV for these cards isn’t reasonable yet I have nearly a page full of 90% off cards.

    • If you’re looking for a place to plug your specials and discuss your COMC account, an excellent venue is the “Spam Your COMC listings here” thread at BlowOutCards forum:


      It’s also common practice to post to COMC’s Facebook page.

      In my experience, COMC’s paid advertising feature is an excellent value, but it isn’t something I’d use regularly if my port only had a couple hundred cards.

      My experience has also been that people respond to specifics. If a seller simply posts “I will accept all offers of 10% / 20% / 50% off asking price” or even 0% off asking price, it gives a prospective buyer something to work with.

      COMC is very egalitarian. Nobody cares about your gender or ethnicity or personal habits. Nobody cares is you’re using the money to buy shoes or to finance your grandmother’s kidney transplant. All that matters is what you have and how much it costs. If you have something that someone wants to buy at a price they are willing and able to pay, they’ll buy.

      • I dated a Hooters girl once who also liked sportscards…and she wasn’t a Diva in any sense of the word! πŸ˜‰
        What this has to do with this topic? Well nothing but if we are allowed to ramble on about anything I thought I would throw my 10% of book value Sammy Khalifa collection up for grabs. You all know you want it!

        And shucksbejuckers….don’t throw those big words like egalitarian out there. You’ll throw the children (and those of us who were educated in Michigan and Indiana University) into a migraine tizzy. I might just slip up and sell our port for 97% off and by me a big jar of maple syrup to guzzle.

    • again off topic, but I love the sellers who place an ad every day, that is a minimum of $3 in COMC’s pocket everyday, while they could just run a weeks ad for $9 instead. Anywho, this place just keeps impressing me with the honesty and ethics, hardly any other online dealer/consigner would come out and say how it is or tweak things to make the users happy. I’m coming up on my 4 years of finding and using comc and have no regrets.

  3. Wow! I’m very impressed by all of your hard work and dedication. I have about 1500 cards due today. I had assumed that, because of the snow issues, it was likely that the processing would be delayed.

    If my cards go live today, that would be fine, but it won’t be the end of the world if mine are delayed. Don’t kill yourselves on my account. Keep up the good work!

  4. hope you teach them how to properly box cards…my last shipment was 153 cards and they came crammed in a 100 card box..seriously lol…alot of the corners were dinged and honestly conditions werent as advertised..anyways other then that i love the site..cheap shipping is a great catch

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