Just finished the most insane day ever!

Wow, today was an amazing team effort. Because of the snow last week we have built up the largest backlog of work ever for both shipping order and processing incoming cards.

At the beginning of the day we had about 10,000 cards that were due to be deposited today that hadn’t even been scanned yet. Normally we try to scan the cards at least a week before they are due so that we have time to make sure they get uploaded to the website without having to worry about any hiccups.

The entire team worked together to do what was necessary to deposit every order before it was due and to ship as many cards as possible today. It was quite an amazing feat, and I am so proud of everyone here.

Tomorrow we have 4 new employees starting. They will have our first official new employee orientation. We also have 4 other employees that just started in the last month or so that will be joining them. 7 of these 8 employees will start full-time on our shipping team, and the eighth employee is focusing on our processing team. Our goal is to over staff shipping so that we can offer the fastest service with the highest quality. Any extra resources in our shipping department will help our processing team get ahead.

We still have several job openings available, so please spread the word.
– Order Fulfillment Clerk
– Office Administrator
– Customer Service
– Quality Control Specialist
– Trading Card Identification Specialist
– Coin Identification Specialist
– Software Development Engineer
– Software Test Engineer
– Network Administrator / General IT Person

Our GM is working on the job descriptions. They will be posted here when he finishes them.