Helping the Spirit of Christmas

We received the following email this week from a new customer.

Growing up, my father collected baseball cards. Like most boys from the 1950’s – he would swap cards with his buddies. One of his pals was always trying to “trade up” by offering several smaller cards for a big one. His pal would often try to sweeten the pot by throwing a couple of Bill Henry cards in for the trade. As a child, anytime my siblings and I would try to make unfair trades with each other, my father would often say “Why don’t you throw in a couple of Bill Henry’s?” We never knew what this meant. My father just used this phrase on one of his grandkids – so I heard the story once again, and a light bulb went off: my father needs a Bill Henry card. On a whim, I looked up your sight, and there it was – waiting for me. I ordered it and just received it in the mail. It is in excellent condition, and I can’t wait for my father to open it this Christmas. The best $7 I ever spent. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And Merry Christmas

This is the reason for what we do. Beyond business, past capitalism, there is a beating heart to this hobby that is capable of connecting people in a very real and profound way. It is a genuine pleasure to do what we do, and an honor to live in a country where a unique business concept like ours is not just possible but embraced.
Thanks for making all this possible.

Merry Christmas from COMC.

4 thoughts on “Helping the Spirit of Christmas

  1. This story rings true. I believe this is why I enjoy selling cards on here more than I enjoy flipping a stock for many times more profit. I have sold over 9,000 cards on this site and hope I have made some people happy like the above story.

  2. Stories like this make it more enjoyable for all of us that collected in the 70’s or earlier. It did for me.
    First time collectors in the 90’s may or may not come back to collecting again, however we can only hope they do. It’s the passion for collecting that drives today’s collector. Oh, and you can still make some money selling too. Excellent work COMC for promoting the Hobby.

    • I’m finding that a lot of collectors in their early 30s are coming back to the hobby and, now that they have disposable income, are happy to buy their favorite Pro Set common for 25 cents for sentimental value. I wouldn’t recommend that everyone send in all their 1988-1992 junk to COMC, but it surprises me how often those cards sell, meaning that they sell at all!

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