Helping the Spirit of Christmas

We received the following email this week from a new customer.

Growing up, my father collected baseball cards. Like most boys from the 1950’s – he would swap cards with his buddies. One of his pals was always trying to “trade up” by offering several smaller cards for a big one. His pal would often try to sweeten the pot by throwing a couple of Bill Henry cards in for the trade. As a child, anytime my siblings and I would try to make unfair trades with each other, my father would often say “Why don’t you throw in a couple of Bill Henry’s?” We never knew what this meant. My father just used this phrase on one of his grandkids – so I heard the story once again, and a light bulb went off: my father needs a Bill Henry card. On a whim, I looked up your sight, and there it was – waiting for me. I ordered it and just received it in the mail. It is in excellent condition, and I can’t wait for my father to open it this Christmas. The best $7 I ever spent. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And Merry Christmas

This is the reason for what we do. Beyond business, past capitalism, there is a beating heart to this hobby that is capable of connecting people in a very real and profound way. It is a genuine pleasure to do what we do, and an honor to live in a country where a unique business concept like ours is not just possible but embraced.
Thanks for making all this possible.

Merry Christmas from COMC.