Really BIG News + Holiday Shipping

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and we have 27,000 new reasons to be jolly!

If you have followed our site for any time, you probably noticed how rapidly we have been growing. We moved into a 2,000 sqft warehouse just under 4 years ago, took less than two years to outgrow that, and upgraded to a 6,000 sqft warehouse. Again we took less than 2 years to outgrow that. This time we are making a huge leap to a 27,000 sqft building. We just signed the lease yesterday,and we are starting to make plans for orchestrating the move.

Holiday Shipping
In honor of the 27 thousand sqft that we are moving to, we came up with a 27Β’ special.
Normally our standard shipping is $3 for the first card and 25Β’ for each additional card.

From now until December 27th, we will ship the first 11 cards for only $3.
That comes out to $0.2727272727272…. per card for the first 11 cards.

No account required. No extra fee for international orders. All cards will be shipped in penny sleeves. Normal extra fees apply for toploaders, graded or jumbo cards.
See Shipping Policy for full details.

Thank you to for giving us the permission to use this photo. They are a great source of aerial photography!

33 thoughts on “Really BIG News + Holiday Shipping

    • It is am amazing location. We expect that many orders will get to customers one day sooner because we will be able to get shipments out later in the day very conveniently.

  1. Great news and congrats…Nice job growing your biz…Who’s economy is bad???

  2. Congrates on the new place. I love this site it nice for all who are collectors to find players they want. I just got my 1,000 card bought on this site thanks everyone at Checkout mycards.

  3. come on guys… you totally missed another way to tie it all in… Run the promo til December 27th… not 25th…

  4. Awesome news!!! You guys are proof success can come in a bad economy. All that is needed is a product people want, fair pricing and great service. Can’t wait till the next move!!! Cowboyfaninlr

  5. So that will hold, what, about 20 million cards? That’ll make you larger than Burbank. Maybe now you’ll be able to offer a full service counter (where people come in, order off an iPad, and receive instant gratification) as well as tours.

    I also like how the map shows Target, potential source of more COMC inventory πŸ™‚

    • Just need a COMC ATM on the outside of the building, so you can log in to your account and submit the hits from Target directly into your account via the deposit slot after hours!

  6. Still looking forward to the time that I can come in, buy a hobby box of cards right there, bust it and put it on the site! or even have you bust it on video and then put it right on the site. would save me a lot of time!

    Love watching your company grow!

  7. Great news Tim. When I sold my first card on COMC { april 2008}, I told my family that COMC would some day be the largest and most successful Website of its kind. Thanks to the hard work by you and the COMC team, now 3.5 years later I have sold almost 17,000 cards on COMC. Watching you grow has been fun. I think I speak for many collectors when saying COMC is an enjoyable part of our daily life.

  8. i love this site. it has revolutionalized the way that i collect cards and made it so much more fun for me. thanks!

  9. Thanks COMC, you have really brought out the collector in all of us. I noticed the web site in 2008 and joined in 2009. Back then I knew that you would be going places. Keep up the great work, more cards on the way. Jerry in Tempe, AZ

  10. Hobbyist Member since 2008! And being leery of auction sites I really had no other way to start selling off some of my PC. Over three years later my $10.06 average card sale has allowed me to purchase a laptop for my wife, a laptop for my daughter, and yet another for my son. Next up: a trip to Mexico thanks to COMC! So look for more cards from me. (Where’s Steve?) I really, really appreciate how hard you’ve all worked up there in Redmond. And we can tell – your service has been impeccable and your technology rocks. ~ Will in Portland

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