$20 First Time Seller Coupon + Referral Program

If you have placed an order with us recently, you probably received one of these.

$20 First Time Seller Coupon
The first side of this card is a $20 off coupon for any First Time Seller. This is good for any of our processing services. If you are a first time seller, simply include this coupon with the cards that you send us for processing, and we will discount your processing fees by $20. We are confident that you will enjoy our services, so we want you to try it out, even if that means your first batch is completely free. We offer this with no strings attached.

Referral Program
If you are already a seller on the site or if you have extra coupons you can hand out, please write your user name on the other side of this coupon as if you were endorsing a check and pass it along. Once we get 500 cards for processing from that account, we will put $5 store credit in your account as a thank you for handing out the card.

How to Get More
All orders placed this weekend will include a couple of these coupons. Also, all orders placed on BlowoutCards.com will receive a coupon as well. If you have a card shop, attend card shows, or just know a bunch of people you would like to refer, please contact us, and we can send you a batch of cards. Many of our sellers have already received a package with a couple dozen coupons to hand out, and we even have some eBay sellers including these cards in all outgoing orders.

Why We Want More Sellers
Currently 1 in 20 buyers on the site also sells, but nearly all sellers also buy. Once we get a buyer to also sell, they are hooked. We are no longer just another place where they can buy cards. Instead, we become a place where they are invested in watching their cards sell, and they earn store credit that is best used on COMC. These buyers that become sellers rarely convert store credit into cash, instead they recycle their store credit and help store credit get to the sellers that need cash that much quicker. Even when they do get cash, they most likely just spend it on more cards and help the trading card industry. We want as many people buying and selling as possible. This is good for the health of the entire trading card community.

COMC.com is a “network effect” website. This means that the more active users on the site, the more value it provides for each of the users. Facebook is another example of a network affect website. If facebook had no users, there would be no point in having a facebook account, but now that nearly everyone is on facebook, there is enough value that it has become the second most popular website on the planet.

Similarly, the more active users we have on COMC, the better it is for everyone. It will be that much easier to finish the tough set you started or find that rare card of your favorite player. It will be that much easier for someone to find your extra cards and help you convert them into what you really want… more cards or cash.

Help COMC reach its potential… pass it on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

32 thoughts on “$20 First Time Seller Coupon + Referral Program

  1. Pingback: Anyone see COMC's new deal? $20 processing credit for first time sellers! - Blowout Cards Forums

    • I supposed you can just print this off if you want to use it for yourself. If you are going to refer us to some other people, we can send you some nice cards to hand out.

  2. If you want to control the sports card world, by getting everyone to sell on Checkout my cards it is very simple. Drop the 20% cash out to to 15%! You would get everyone who sells on Ebay to switch to you because you do all the shipping and the scanning. Ebay + Paypal it costs you around 12%, but people would pay the extra 3% for the service. If you do that, you would control the whole resale industry. I have bought on your site, but never sold because I can’t see myself paying 10% more to sell on your site. I do buy sports cards, but I mostly want cash!

    • If the barrier to sell on COMC is lowered, then there will be more cards on COMC. If there are more cards on COMC, they will sell for less. The 20% is fine where it is and much lower than what Sportlots charges unless you’re a big seller. (They have a tiered system there.)

      • What are you talking about? If they lowed their fees to 15%, many people would switch from ebay to COMC. It’s that simple.

      • Your analysis is interesting. The problem is that we won’t be able to keep as high quality of service if we cut our fees and get flooded with 10x the business overnight. As you can see from our most recent post, we are already growing at a blazing pace. I would rather keep a little margin in there to make sure that we always offer the best service possible. Also, FWIW, our average commission per transaction is about 8%. If we could get 12-15% on every transaction (like eBay does), that would nearly double the commission fee.

      • I don’t know why I can’t reply below, but I am responding to what Tim said. I completely understand since you are a new business you can’t lower fees. You would be flooded with cards and you couldn’t handle the inventory. However, if you want to attract high end sports cards on your site, where the big commissions are, you have to drop your fees. A $30,000 M.J card is not going to sell on your site, because the seller is not going to lose 20%. I sell some high/Medium stuff on eBay. I hate shipping, scanning, describing, but I love money. Maybe you don’t want high end stuff, maybe your satisfied with medium and low end stuff. It makes sense to have niche market. But I love your service, I hate scanning and shipping cards.

      • Understood. We are not geared towards the $30,000 cards at the moment. However we do have plans to offer a service that will cater to the high end. These are plans we expect to roll out this year along with several major new offerings that will now be possible with our new building.

      • That is awesome. I am assuming you will do a tiering system based on value of cash-out? That would be awesome. I would sell all of my cards on site. Like $1 – $1000= 20%, $1001 – $5000 18%, $5001 – More 15%.

  3. I’m interested in possibly listing cards here. Any discount coupons still available for first time sellers?

  4. If you’ve sold card on the site (flipped) before but never sent any on yourself, can you still use the coupon?

  5. If the $20 coupon covers all of the processing fees, do you still have to have store credit to cover the fees prior to sending the batch of cards with coupon included? If so, how long before the credit shows up on your account?

    • If $20 covers your processing fees, you don’t need to have any store credit in your account. This allows you to try our processing service for free the first time.

  6. what if i send my cards to you to put on your website using the coupon, will i have to pay any storage fee or anything for you keeping my cards on your site or the only fee i’d pay is the 20% cash-out fee and also what if i place a notice in my package that i want to use the 20 dollars off deal on the process fee will i be approved for the promotion.
    pls explain

    • Here is how it works.
      – Follow the instructions for how to ship to us
      – Include the coupon, and we will decrease the processing fee by $20. If the total processing fee is $20 or less, it will be free.
      – Once we are done processing your cards, they will be in your account and you can set asking prices.
      – As they sell, you earn store credit.
      – After 90 days up for sale, we start charging storage fees of $0.01 per month for items with an asking price of more than $0.25.
      – The storage fees are taken out of the store credit you earn.
      – The store credit can be used to buy other cards on the site, pay for more cards to be processed, pay for shipping, or it can be converted into cash.
      – We keep 20% of whatever is converted into cash. That is the Cash-Out Fee.

      • and how can i get a coupon from you

        and also what if one of my cards are in a case that is screwed do i put that in the hard case category or else where ??

      • Until the end of the year, you can simply print this blog post. Otherwise, you can place an order, and we will include a coupon in the package. We charge $0.05/card to remove them from hard cases. Feel free to give us a call during business hours. Our team would be glad to answer any of your questions.

  7. I’m mailing my first batch in tomorrow and am planning to use the coupon. I’m not sure they’ll arrive on the 31st, will a prior postmark work? Thanks.

  8. came across your site on the beckett boards and have been thinking about trying out your service are you guys thinking about running a program like this again it would make it a little easier choice.

  9. Hi Tim,
    I’m a new member (emoss) and have bought a dozen or so cards this week already, but am also interested in sending some in to you. Is the $20 offer still running?

  10. I see. To get the offer, you need to buy something and actually have it shipped to you, not just buy a card with store credit and inventory it. Correct? Thanks for the help, Tim.

  11. I received a first time seller special coupon just this week from another user in a deal elsewhere. The coupon he sent me expires on 2/14/12. Is it possible that I can still send that in and use it with a first time seller processing shipment even though there’s no way I can get a package there by 2/14?

    • That is fine. Don’t worry about the expiration date. We just don’t want people to sit on the opportunity forever. We will honor the coupon for at least the next several months.

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