$20 First Time Seller Coupon + Referral Program

If you have placed an order with us recently, you probably received one of these.

$20 First Time Seller Coupon
The first side of this card is a $20 off coupon for any First Time Seller. This is good for any of our processing services. If you are a first time seller, simply include this coupon with the cards that you send us for processing, and we will discount your processing fees by $20. We are confident that you will enjoy our services, so we want you to try it out, even if that means your first batch is completely free. We offer this with no strings attached.

Referral Program
If you are already a seller on the site or if you have extra coupons you can hand out, please write your user name on the other side of this coupon as if you were endorsing a check and pass it along. Once we get 500 cards for processing from that account, we will put $5 store credit in your account as a thank you for handing out the card.

How to Get More
All orders placed this weekend will include a couple of these coupons. Also, all orders placed on BlowoutCards.com will receive a coupon as well. If you have a card shop, attend card shows, or just know a bunch of people you would like to refer, please contact us, and we can send you a batch of cards. Many of our sellers have already received a package with a couple dozen coupons to hand out, and we even have some eBay sellers including these cards in all outgoing orders.

Why We Want More Sellers
Currently 1 in 20 buyers on the site also sells, but nearly all sellers also buy. Once we get a buyer to also sell, they are hooked. We are no longer just another place where they can buy cards. Instead, we become a place where they are invested in watching their cards sell, and they earn store credit that is best used on COMC. These buyers that become sellers rarely convert store credit into cash, instead they recycle their store credit and help store credit get to the sellers that need cash that much quicker. Even when they do get cash, they most likely just spend it on more cards and help the trading card industry. We want as many people buying and selling as possible. This is good for the health of the entire trading card community.

COMC.com is a “network effect” website. This means that the more active users on the site, the more value it provides for each of the users. Facebook is another example of a network affect website. If facebook had no users, there would be no point in having a facebook account, but now that nearly everyone is on facebook, there is enough value that it has become the second most popular website on the planet.

Similarly, the more active users we have on COMC, the better it is for everyone. It will be that much easier to finish the tough set you started or find that rare card of your favorite player. It will be that much easier for someone to find your extra cards and help you convert them into what you really want… more cards or cash.

Help COMC reach its potential… pass it on!

Happy Thanksgiving!