First Trading Card Seller with 1 Million Listings

We just became the first seller in the Trading Cards category on Amazon to have more than 1 million listings. In fact, we have more than half of all Trading Card listings on Amazon.

We currently have a backlog of about 600,000 items to upload to Amazon, and our current pace is about 15,000 items per hour. We are working day and night to get as many items listed as possible before Thanksgiving.

If you want to have your items included for sale on Amazon, simply go to the “My Profile & Options” page and edit the new “Sell on” option at the bottom.

5 thoughts on “First Trading Card Seller with 1 Million Listings

  1. You guys won the race. The Beckett Marketplace will be on Amazon soon as well. We look forward to having both our Marketplace and COMC listings on Amazon!

  2. Just sold my first card through Amazon as well! I’m pumped!

    Your right Joelshit show, this definitely opens things up a bit.

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