How to Package Your Cards

A couple of weeks ago a box of cards came in damaged– corners crushed after the box had a rough time of it in the mail. It was unfortunate and troubling to report the damage to the seller. We’d like to tell everyone: Take time to pack your cards so they will be well-protected in the mail.

Pack the cards in a box of an appropriate size. The cards don’t necessarily need to be sleeved, but snug the cards up with foam or peanuts. If you use newspaper as stuffing, then the cards should be sleeved.
Then place your box of cards in a larger box, (box-in-a-box). Fill with padding (again– foam, peanuts, or newspaper) to secure it so that nothing moves or shifts when you hold it closed and shake it. Even when sending in small batches, use a secondary outer box or thick outer envelope with appropriate padding for security.


Excellent job underway

Excellent job underway

Newspaper….also great for packing

Newspaper….also great for packing

Ready to seal and ship!

Ready to seal and ship!


Not so much

Not so much



5 thoughts on “How to Package Your Cards

  1. I would add this: never have the interior box touching the exterior box if possible, especially at the corners. ALWAYS insulate the interior box from the exterior box with newspaper or peanuts.

    If you do not do this, sometimes the exterior box is crushed at a corner, and this will also crush the interior box, damaging 20-30 cards at that corner. This just happened to me recently, and it changed how I ship. Depend upon the exterior box being brutalized.

    It is not enough just to insulate the inside to secure it from movement or shifting; the interior box must be fully protected (with peanuts, newspaper) if possible.

    I hope everyone shipping to and from COMC learns from the bad experience I had. It’s an important addition to what is outlined above.

  2. I never thought of putting a little bit of pizza in with my shipment. That’s a very good idea. You guys might get hungry while you’re scanning my cards….

  3. I’ve had good luck wrapping my inner boxes in bubble wrap…… then use peanuts, etc to fill in the gaps.

  4. Lol…….love the chicken toy added in there. I really hope this was a real package!

    Maybe you can change your name to

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