10¢ Shipping Weekend Worldwide

The last time we did a shipping special there was a postal strike in Canada. Now that it is over, we are running a shipping special for the whole world.

Normally our bulk or special shipping options charge an extra $10 for any package going outside the US. This weekend the special will offer NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS! All of you that want to have stuff shipped outside the US, start buying your items and preparing your shipment.

From Friday September 23rd 12:01 AM PST until Sunday September 25th 11:59 PM PST, we are offering the following shipping special world wide.

$5 for the first 10 cards and $0.10 for each additional card.
See our Shipping Policy page for complete details.

Go take advantage of the many promotions that sellers are running and put in your shipment requests before midnight Sunday September 25th.

9 thoughts on “10¢ Shipping Weekend Worldwide

  1. That’s GREAT, Tim. Ever since you mentioned the special on Facethingy, my Jays have been anticipating an early flight to Niagara Falls. With the approx. 20$ they’re saving, they can now have more of their friends join them! Kudos to you, Tim and to your hard workin’ gang at COMC……Jayfan

  2. Awwww man, I shipped my cards 2 days early. Would it still be possible to pull it out and switch to the special? The few $ I could save could buy several more cards… Any help would be appreciated – Abet05

  3. Just requested a shipment and didn’t get the 10 cent rate. When will that be applied? The money I should have saved could go toward more cards.

  4. What incredible service with this promotion. I placed two separate shipping orders totalling over 500 cards. Both orders were received on October 1st. Less than one week door to door during a 10 cent shipping promotion is a truly amazing feat! Thanks COMC Team!

  5. Any idea when or if another 10-cent promotion will be taking place? Maybe a “when” is asking too much. But, it would be nice to know that the promotion wasn’t a one-and-done event.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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