Processing Backlog & More Hiring

It has been a while since I got a chance to post. So I wanted to give you a quick updated.

A couple weeks ago we got back from the National and posted a few teaser stats on our facebook page. Here is a sneak peak at the packages that we shipped back from Chicago.

People dropped off more than 150,000 cards. Once they arrived at our warehouse we had less than 4 weeks to process them. We normally process 50,000 cards per week, so adding 3+ weeks of work to our existing backlog has provided a great challenge for our team.

Fortunately we are actively hiring. We had two new people start in the last couple weeks, we have another one starting on Monday, and we have a couple more that we plan to extend offers to once background checks are cleared. If you know people in the Seattle area that have a good work ethic, are great team members, and want to be part of a rapidly growing startup, please encourage them to contact

16 thoughts on “Processing Backlog & More Hiring

  1. Great to see that you guys continue to hire in such difficult consumer markets. Just goes to show if you offer products/services that people benefit from, you can grow during economic downturns. Glad I have contributed in a small way to people landing jobs.

    • LoL! All of them if so many of your boxes Sunday afternoon didn’t have half empty rows. Swag, I never guessed when we talked about the site at Cincy-Moeller in April that you would blow up so fast. Impressive!

  2. Can we please bring back the $50 card mail in special from a while back! We need specials to bring in more cards to the site.

    • Well, we are currently adding 60,000 cards per week. This is the fastest pace we have ever put new content on the site. Not sure when we will be able to offer a processing special next. We are pretty backed up already.

  3. I agree we need specials for sellers. We also need to source out more buyers. I don’t see COMC on google shopping anymore. That was how I found the site.

    • Thanks for the heads up. We just noticed that a change we made a little bit ago broke our pipe to google shopping. That has been fixed, and we are back up there.

  4. How about another shipping special for all those NSCC cards people have already bought on the site? 🙂

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