Processing Backlog & More Hiring

It has been a while since I got a chance to post. So I wanted to give you a quick updated.

A couple weeks ago we got back from the National and posted a few teaser stats on our facebook page. Here is a sneak peak at the packages that we shipped back from Chicago.

People dropped off more than 150,000 cards. Once they arrived at our warehouse we had less than 4 weeks to process them. We normally process 50,000 cards per week, so adding 3+ weeks of work to our existing backlog has provided a great challenge for our team.

Fortunately we are actively hiring. We had two new people start in the last couple weeks, we have another one starting on Monday, and we have a couple more that we plan to extend offers to once background checks are cleared. If you know people in the Seattle area that have a good work ethic, are great team members, and want to be part of a rapidly growing startup, please encourage them to contact

Just hit item #5,000,000

Item #5000000, submitted by dkeever
2011 Bowman Gold #212 - Dillon Gee - Courtesy of


Item #100,000 was added on 8/22/2007
– 667 days later…
Item #1,000,000 was added on 6/29/2009
– 290 days later…
Item #2,000,000 was added on 4/15/2010
– 184 days later…
Item #3,000,000 was added on 10/16/2010
– 151 days later…
Item #4,000,000 was added on 3/16/2011
– 135 days later…
Item #5,000,000 was added on 7/29/2011

How many days until item #6,000,000?

The stats on the right show where the 5 million items are today.
Only 3 million left for sale.
1 million different cards.

New Big Seller
You may notice that user Rookies_n_Jerseys has entered the top 10 sellers list. This is pretty impressive considering he started selling on COMC less than 2 months ago.

New Biggest Seller?
You should also take note of SwagCards. He is making a steady climb up the charts. Currently at #3, he has expressed his intent to make #1.