GINTER CODE: Free 1 Week Processing

GINTER CODE Processing Special
Send us any 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter code cards, and we will process them in 1 week for FREE!!!

This special is specific to the Ginter Code parallel. It is not eligible for other cards from Topps Allen & Ginter or for code cards from previous years.

Just make sure you mention “GINTER CODE” as your desired processing service.

This special will be available until we receive the complete set of the code cards. We will post an update when we are no longer accepting more code cards.

8 thoughts on “GINTER CODE: Free 1 Week Processing

  1. why do they want you to send them in? arent they worthless and what does it mean they will process them for free?

  2. So I have 349 of the 350 cards and 21 of the 30 decifer code cards I am looking for the other 9 but you don’t have any or am I missing the listing. I am looking to get them all to see if I can try and figure out the puzzle so I know for myself.

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