GINTER CODE: Free 1 Week Processing

GINTER CODE Processing Special
Send us any 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter code cards, and we will process them in 1 week for FREE!!!

This special is specific to the Ginter Code parallel. It is not eligible for other cards from Topps Allen & Ginter or for code cards from previous years.

Just make sure you mention “GINTER CODE” as your desired processing service.

This special will be available until we receive the complete set of the code cards. We will post an update when we are no longer accepting more code cards.

NSCC Drop-Off Preview

Attending the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago? Have cards you want to sell?
Instead of shipping them to us, you can just drop them off at our booth (#445).

You can take advantage of any of our published processing services, or you can use a promotional service that will only be available at the National.

Here is how you will be able to use the show-only service:
□ 1 Come find us at booth #445
□ 2 Grab a special 550-count box
□ 3 Fill it with no more than five different products
□ 4 Drop it back off with us before the end of the show

Specific pricing and processing time will only be revealed at the show.

If you just want to use one of our normal processing services, that is fine. You are welcome to drop those off as well. The show-only service is the only one that will have the 5-product limitation.

What we mean by “Product”

A product is a specific set of cards. Not just a year, not just a sport, not just a brand. A product is something like “2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball” or “2010/11 Famous Fabrics Ink – Hockey Edition”. A product includes any card that it would be possible to pull from opening a specific pack.
Note: These packs must be from an original manufacturer, and cannot be repackaged products from a variety of years.

Example of Same Product:
2008 UD Masterpieces #82 - Felix Hernandez - Courtesy of & 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection #4795 - Don Mattingly - Courtesy of
These two cards count as the same product, because you can pull Yankee Stadium Legacy insert cards out of packs of 2008 UD Masterpieces. Same pack, Same product.

Example of Different Products:
1995 Fleer #269 - Ken Griffey Jr. - Courtesy of & 1996 Fleer #238 - Ken Griffey Jr. - Courtesy of

These two cards are both Fleer, both baseball, and both the same player, but they come from different products. One is a 1995 Fleer and one is 1996 Fleer. Different pack, different product.

To take advantage of this special you can have a maximum of 5 different products in your 550-count box. If you’ve got more than five, even if it’s only one or two stray cards, you won’t be eligible. We think the best way to take advantage of this deal is to buy unopened boxes from some of the great vendors at The National, crack open the product, maybe take advantage of some wrapper redemption promotions, and then just pop them into our 550-count boxes and drop them off at our booth. You are welcome to bring cards from home. Just remember the 5-product rule: same pack, same product; different pack, different product. See you at the National!

Card Details Beta 4

Lots of additional feedback incorporated. Give this version a whirl.

I also added a link at the bottom of the page so that you can toggle between the old style and the new style to see what you like about each version. Let me know what you think.

Why are we doing this?
Many of you have commented that we shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. Well, there is a significant drawback to the old design. It was optimized for the case when we only had 1 card for sale. This was an excellent assumption for the first few years.

Now we average 3 cards for sale per listing. As a result the old style gave a huge advantage to the cheapest card. This caused people to really fight for that cheapest spot. The data that we see that you guys don’t have access to is that sellers are undercutting prices unnecessarily. Buyers are willing to pay more, but sellers are trying to get that top spot.

Our solution: More than 1 “top spot”. The new page is designed to feature 3 cards above the fold for about 60-80% of our users. The rest of the users that have smaller monitors will only see 2, but that is still a lot better than the 1.

Now our sellers can focus on charging fair prices instead of slashing to get the top spot due to limitations with our old design.

I hope that shines some light on these growing pains.

Quarterly & Yearly Stats

After 4 years, our exhaustive quarterly stats are getting too long to put on fliers and business cards. So we are going to start using our yearly stats on printed materials. We will continue to publish the quarterly stats on the blog, but we will be doing the abbreviated year over year version of the quarterly stats.

Cards Sold
Since we have made it easier to purchase ports and to do large offers, there has been a big spike in cards sold. Though this is interesting, it dilutes that value of the cards sold stat. So we are now ignoring all transactions that contain more than 1,000 cards to try to get a more accurate representation of how many cards are sold.

Yearly Stats

* The 2010-11 Cards Sold does not include 0.25M cards that sold in transactions that had more than 1,000 cards.

Quarterly Stats

* The 2010-11 Q2 Cards Sold does not include 117K cards that sold in transactions that had more than 1,000 cards.