23 thoughts on “Card Details Beta 3

  1. I need owner, price and percent off next to each other. Otherwise I don’t care. But those are the three things I look at it, so if I have to look around, then it takes me longer to use the site.

  2. Still not an improvement over the original layout. If only the time spent on these unneeded design iterations was spent promoting the site and getting us new buyers…

  3. This is nice!!!Easy on the eyes and easy to see both sides of the card quickly.

    I also like the hover over the add to card feature to get the drop down selection.

    Nice work!!!

  4. Definitely a big improvement! Seriously Brad? I liked it better with more buttons above the scan but very happy with new design.

  5. On this particular version, there isn’t a buy button, to just flat out buy….until the drop down finally shows. At first I was looking for it, and briefly thought to myself “how do I purchase this?” The dropdown box didn’t happen for a bit. I then figured I guess I would put it in my cart and try it that way…and that is when the pulldown showed. New users are going to find it a little tough if they don’t want to add to the cart but just do an instant purchase. I buy most of my items without putting it in the cart, so I really think that you have to put a link of simply purchasing right away, in addition to having it “hidden” in the add to cart. With all that said, I still hope that you will give users an option to view the old way or new.

  6. For me, the concept is wrong, not the details. Is there no way to make this feature a user option?

    Can it be tabbed like the search pages?

  7. Yeah, personally I think these layouts are terrible. Way too much going on. Should be able to turn it on or off, or just apply it to vintage cards. If nothing else, I want to see the seller and price next to each other. This just doesn’t work.

  8. Once Again, Please go back to the original Layout. It was simple and straight forward which is what buyers want.

  9. Obviously I like the original the best like most others, but if keeping one of the new layouts the condition notes should not be at the bottom they should be near the price so that they will not be missed and a buyer doesnt buy a card and misses the note and then you guys get yelled at when he receives it.

    • There’s an overlay that pops up if you try to buy an item with a condition note.

  10. To the top poster, just wondering why who the owner is matters? On a site like this the only time I look at the owner is if it is someone I know accepts reasonable offers. Otherwise for the most part I look at the card and hit the buy button if the condition validates the price.

    • I see what you’re saying. The reason I want to know who the owner is is to see whether it’s *me*. 🙂 There’s a reason my price is usually the lowest, and having the owner’s name apart from the price makes this more difficult. (Having 12 cards on the first page makes this easier, so it’s a bit of a wash.)

  11. Maybe all cards prior to year X (possibly 1985) use the new “compare” layout since they can be condition sensitive and all post year X cards use the original layout… Just a thought.

  12. When viewing a sellers cards it is missing a link to view all like cards. Otherwise it is good.

  13. Some times less is more. I just logged back on after being away for a bit. This is NOT a positive change. The ease of use is what makes this site work or not work. You are going to start running people off.

  14. Reeeally miss the card back rollover. Let’s get back to the original! Seller is important to avoid dealers who jack up original asking price if they don’t like your offer and also you get to know which dealers will accept what percentage offers.

  15. The fine tuning is helping, really like to see you incorporating all the feedback.

    Right now it’s a _little_ bit confusing because the cards aren’t separated that well. Not sure what everyone’s problem was with the borders, it made it easier to see which buttons/info went with which card.

  16. I agree with a few of the other posters above… i dont think this is a department that even needed change. I personally really like the old format alot better

  17. The Search for more [Player name] link seems kind of hidden or out of place. New users might not notice it.

    Other than that, everything looks good.

    I still think the site needs a How CheckOutMyCards Works link at the top of each page, right under the logo.

    And how about a Related/Similar items or players list on each item’s page? For instance, the 2007 Topps Chrome Adrian Peterson page can include links to parallels of that card, similar players, and Minnesota Vikings cards. .You can even feature some items listed at a deep discount.

    And being that you have all of our buying activity tracked, you can use all of the data to make personalized suggestions.

    I want COMC to be like the Amazon of trading cards!!!

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