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  1. I am ok with the improvement made yesterday, but this version is a bit much for my taste. As you slide your cursor across the screen it is enlarging boxes over the card image and just feels in the way.

    IMO, it does nothing to improve from the original update rolled out yesterday.

  2. If I had to choose from the new looks, the one yesterday is much better than this one. The little box that comes down blocks the image, you have to really look to even see who’s card is who’s, and it just seems too busy. I will say that I didn’t like yesterday’s, but it was growing on me more. I do feel having an option to view the old way or new way, sounds like the perfect option as some people like the old way and some the new. I can understand each point of view, so the choice would make everyone happy.

  3. If we call it 1, 2, 3, then I like #2 the best. I don’t know why anyone would choose 3 if they didn’t like 2 because I don’t see how it’s better.

    I think the details/list/thumbs/text tabs is the best layout to offer, and you already have the functionality in place 🙂

  4. Again, it’s the collage/gallery style layout that just isn’t working…
    Too ‘in your face’ and ‘cluttered’ as others eluded to in the previous discussion.
    Also on say a 4 card page, you now have the most expensive card directly below the cheapest.
    I appreciate the time and effort on this COMC but IMO this is truly a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  5. I don’t have strong feelings about beta 1 or beta 2 in comparison to each other. I think either of them is an improvement over the old version for the ease of comparing more cards in one eyeful–whether it be for general color/condition, patch content or serial#’s. I appreciate that you guys are thinking and working to make improvements and that you are seeking our input. The learning curve on our side is short and I think we will all get the hang of it soon, no matter which version you go with.

  6. I like #2 better (the first re-cut). Appreciate the work to continually improve the site

  7. Beta 2 is an improvement with getting rid of the box around the card. The buttons to buy now are a little clunky and the left side navs to flip, grab, etc. should be incorporated in a beta 1 fashion to see them at the bottom. Covering up the card with these nav buttons gives me an issue. Make a cleaner look/design with easier to use functionality and I think this is a big improvement.
    Take this link for example; http://www.checkoutmycards.com/Cards/Baseball/1973/Topps/305/Willie_Mays/1844711,p1
    You can look at 12 cards in 2 seconds and decide if they are right for you. The previous 5 card scrolling page after page took more time in the original card detail version.
    I like seeing the improvements on a daily basis.
    Thanks again for a great experience and keep up the great work.

  8. I’m getting used to the layout but the mouseover menu is kind of annoying. Perhaps have it as a pulldown rather than a mouseover popup. Same for the view tools (zoom, flip, etc).

  9. I like yesterday’s version the best (version 2). The drop boxes on today’s version 3 are annoying and in the way. I like version 2 over the original format because you can view more cards per page cutting down the amount of time clicking on the next page button. In addition, I believe it allows users to compare the cards to one another more effectively.

  10. I preferred the original layout personally, but I’m comfortable with either of the new formats. The most useful addition I can think of that I’d like to see added is some kind of either alert or ‘manage price’ button to let you know if you already own a copy of a card when you click into the details page. If there is only 3-4 or less copies already on the site and one is yours, its pretty easy to spot. But it would be nice if you click into a details page where there are 25+ copies available and you own one of them already to see some kind of notification of that in the same place on the screen every time instead of scanning through dozens and dozens (if not hundreds in some cases) of cards to try to figure out if you already own one and ultimately what yours is priced at compared to the other sellers. Maybe its a feature that could be added down the road at some point.

  11. I was happy with the original and the first beta version more than the current. I do have two issues, though. Someone mentioned the low book price. I agree that we need that. Also, I don’t see the add to watch list link anymore. I assume this is a bug?

    I also have one request, not sure how the other sellers would feel about this. How about putting the amount available on the manage inventory page. Supply and demand affects the price and it would be good to know how much competition there is without having to click into the details page.

  12. not a fan of this new one. some of it is fine, but the magic box for the add to cart and the others is a no go. I also was having trouble getting the picture links to pop up as they are also hidden and them move around from a horizonal list to vertical. If I remember I also liked the user name at the top if it was like that previously. I enjoy the multi card look and not having to go to page after page to see conditions. If there was a way for you to add the drop downs like on the regular search pages (newest, highest price, etc) that might also help out, especially some of the folks that have prices even w/beckett while there are 30 others of that same card listed for .25. That could be a good seller too so we can see what the competition has the cards at and price accordinly and not sit on something forever. just my initial thoughts.

  13. Beta version 2 is just about unusable to me. I didn’t really care for Beta 1, but Beta 2 is horrible. I, like many other people, prefer the original version. However Beta 1 could grow on me with time.

  14. My preference is the original version, neither upgrade appeals to me. Perhaps if I was buying vintage cards this would be a desirable feature. So, unless layout style can be a personal option I will vote to keep it how it was from the beginning. Your efforts are always appreciated though!

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