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  1. Don’t care for it at all. Should give us an option in the dashboard to choose which one we want to use. A few minutes of coding. And don’t charge for that option…

  2. I have to also say I don’t really like it. The other style was just as easy to see each card, this is just too big on the screen and I think more cluttered in a way. We should be able to have the old style if you want. I like the option idea.

  3. For all of those naysayers out there, I really like the new format. Its a bigger picture and all the cards are layed out in front of you so you don’t have to go to the next page when you want to see the next 5 cards.

  4. Guess I am in the minority on this one but I like the new look better. Easier to compare card to card when they are side by side like that.

  5. Sorry, but I do not like it either…..its frusterating when websites “make improvements” but it seems like a downgrade. If it’s not broke do not fix it.

  6. I also like the new details page better – to better compare cards and decide which one to purchase. I do agree that having the option to select your prefrence is best. Now, if you can improve your search functionality I might get more out of the site – very hard to search and find specific serial #’s for those of us who collect that sort of thing…

  7. Much happier seeing up to 12 cards on the same page as 5. If you don’t like the smaller picture of each card, have you considered changing your monitor’s resolution?

  8. I really like it as it makes it much easier to identify the stronger cards much more quickly. With some of the great deals on the site right now this makes it even easier to drop money even faster. I also think this is a change that a lot of people will like a lot more in a couple of days. Great work again.

  9. I see what you’re doing with this, and think it’s an interesting idea, but I don’t really think a gallery view should be mandatory for single card viewing. It’s a little visually unintuitive, and requires your eye to go in different directions without a lot of benefit. I think allowing the user the option to select between the two visual methods would be really great. A graphical presentation that basically endeavors to let you compare cards is a solid idea, but I don’t think that’s necessarily how most people are going to be browsing the individual card lists.

    Only time I’ve ever disagreed with a design choice for the site, though.

  10. I like the new style for a few reasons right off the bat.
    1) More Larger card images faster to compare.
    2) 12 cards on one page before next page,
    3) 12 cards “flipped at once” for quick evaluation.
    4) Now I can put cards I am watching in “my watch page” kinda like that popular auction site we all know.
    Let me work with it for another week to give you a better idea if this still works better for me than the old style. With the old style it took more time to scrolled the list of the same 10+ cards or higher, however with this new format, I don’t have to do that since it contains 12 on the same page. Again, let’s see how everyone feels in a week of use to get a better feel for it.

  11. Unlike others I think this works just fine. It allows you to see the other cards that are for sale and the price of those cards. It is cutting off something just under the sale price.
    Don’t go back to the old way.

  12. This is a great feature for vintage collectors. For newer issues, where condition may be less of a driving force to purchase, it may not be as necessary. It’s also helpful for comparing different jersey/patches.

  13. Just encountered the new card details page and can’t help feeling “meh” about it.

    I do want to see more cards on each page – including the search results pages…
    however, I personally don’t like the updated presentation of the UI.

    IMO, you should be able to modify display settings in your user preferences.

  14. The “upgrade” is horrible. It is not intuitive in the least. Please go back to the old way.

  15. Trying to get used to it but it’s just not happening…
    It’s now taken me about quadruple the time it normally would have just to browse a few simple cards/sets 🙁

    Overall it’s confusing and as other collectors have stated it’s bordering on visually demanding/exhausting. There’s way too much text now (the rectangular layout makes it like you’re reading from left to right instead of shopping/browsing/scrolling top to bottom), add in the multiple photos so closely spaced and it is beyond overkill. My eyes want to immediately gravitate to the middle or right instead of focusing on the first card then moving on to the next.

    Book value is located miles away from purchase price. The check box for ‘add to cart’ is confusing and sandwiched in between BIN and MAF. The Flip tab I was scared to even click thinking it was to purchase and resell, I finally braved it and it was to show the back of the card.

    I’d REALLY like to see the site revert back to the old look or at least have an option to toggle between old view and this updated/collage mode.

    Also, pre-update related…
    Sometimes the ghost COMC watermark is directly over the serial number making it unreadable.
    Proper placement would be appreciated

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